Weyerbacher Brewing's Pilot System

In mid-2016, we added a 5 barrel pilot system to the brewery. This little fella is where our brewers do their research and development. Each brew is an experiment with a new ingredient, process or recipe.

Having the ability to brew small amounts allows us the opportunity to brew any style of beer we can think of using any ingredients we desire in an almost infinitely variable number of ways (Really think about – it’s mind boggling the sheer number of possibilities!).

While most brews from the pilot system will make it to the glass in your hand, some will not. It’s okay… There’s always going to be a few failed projects or a recipe that just didn’t work out the way we had planned. This is the point of R&D and we really look forward to hearing your feedback as these fun little batches continue to roll out!

Currently on Tap

Joyeux Monks

9% ABV
Yet another spin on our classic Merry Monks recipe! This one uses the same exact recipe, but fermented with a mix of cultures including French Saison and a lager strain, and aged with a bit of citrus peel and white oak.


4% ABV
American Light Lager brewed with puffed jasmine rice, lemon peel & kelp. Specifically designed for our 1st annual Crab Boil & overall easy drinking.

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