Weyerbacher Brewing's Brünicorn


Brünicorn is a series of special brews ONLY AVAILABLE at The Tap Room for consumption and purchase. Available on draft and in 750 ml bottles, this series allows our brewers to stretch their creative minds and develop interesting and mind blowing beers that will satisfy your taste for the extraordinary and our quest for constant innovation.

Brünicorn I

The first release of this series is an American Wild Ale that falls around 6.5% ABV. This beer begins with a fresh burst of apricot, citrus and Belgian aromatics, which is soon followed by a soft wheat tartness that balances with notes of subtle spice giving it a lingering white wine oak finish.

Brünicorn II, III & IV

Primarily fermented with a former anniversary Abbey strain, this trio of Brünicorn releases were stabled in freshly emptied Pinot noir barrels with lactobacillus and brettanomyces, as well as raspberries, blackberries or boysenberries. They were then aged in our barrel cellar for over 13 months.

This trio falls in the 7.5% ABV range.

#II: Boysenberry
The hybridized love child of the raspberry and blackberry, this robustly ruby Brünicorn boasts a pronounced berry musk with an inordinate sour cherry and strawberry jam-like perfume. Delicately dry and straw-like malt flavors yield to crisp and bold bramble fruit notes. Suggestive lactic sourness stands at the forefront of cherried brett character. Pinot grape and oak tannin round out the finish of this mysteriously complex creature.

#III: Blackberry
Straw and vine derived aromatics meld pleasantly with the dry and prickled tartness of summer ripened blackberries. A soft oak and puckering mouthfeel full of berry expression opens up an elusive Flemish bramble musk.

#IV: Raspberry
Sweet raspberry and strawberry jam flavor and aroma complement the soft oak and Pinot grape tannin. Rounding out this flemish inspired sour, you’ll find a mild prickle of tartness alongside a subtle residual jammy sweetness.

Brünicorn V

Brewed in April 2016 and aged in white wine barrels with our proprietary mixed culture for 2 years, this 6.6% ABV ale features complex notes of apricot, dank tropical fruity funk and vanilla alongside a late puckering acidity. A deep golden haze highlights the appearance of this mixed fermentation sour – a perfect beer for spring!

Brünicorn VI

Thirty months on oak lying, waiting and maturing. Finally, with hints of spring on the horizon, the time was right to rack this beer and let it see the light. Brewed in 2015, this deep garnet hued ale is reminiscent of those found in Flanders and showcases a light bready malt character, subtle stone fruit and dark brown sugar, with touches of burnt toffee and cocoa, a moderate oak tannin and vanilla finish. Brettanomyces, lactobacillus and pediococcus lend their distinct profiles to this 6.4% ABV ale with a prickly bright acidity and subtle funkiness.

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