South Carolina

South Carolina Wholesaler
Advintage Distributing
33564 Hill Park Drive
N. Charleston, S.C.  29418
Phone  843-225-2005
Fax  843-225-2006

6 Responses to “South Carolina”

  1. avatar Jim Hill says:

    This summer I will be relocating to SC from Pa. I buy
    Weyerbacher Beer locally. I understand that Advantage Distributing is the SC distributor. I will be working in Hartsville and living in Elgin. When released in May/June I will want 20 cases of Blasphemy. Who do I see, or how do I proceed?
    Thanks Jim

  2. avatar Bill Bragg says:

    We can not begin to guess where our beers are sold and in what quantities out of state but you can touch base with Advintage once you’re settled to find out where they sell us. Or BETTER YET…. go find a store that is convenient to where you are moving and special order us thru them (give ‘em Advintage’s contact info located here) and then they can open the store for Weyerbacher products!

  3. avatar Bill says:

    I am also a transplant from the Lehigh Valley and living in Columbia Sc. Not even 10 minutes from the gentlemen who posted above me. I have now been bringing back 4-5 cases with me every time I go home. I got most of my neighbors hooked. How does one get your company to look into or start getting places here in the Columbia area to start selling your beer. Hell I got the Flying Saucer in Columbia to start selling Blithering Idiot finally.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi Bill! Advintage is our distributor (see post above yours) and they are responsible for representing our brand in the state of SC. We do not have enough sales staff to cover all the states that have access to our brand so we do rely (in part) upon our fans to make sure they communicate to their favorite stores that they want our beers! If youy are in SC and you want Weyerbacher somewhere specific, please ask that store to order some from Advintage for you. It’s available!

  4. avatar Bil says:

    Thanks for your response. I went yesterday to Greens. It’s the biggest Distribution center in Columbia area. They told me there would be a delivery fee and that a case of blithering idiot would cost 90 bucks. Is this really what they sell a case for down here? By the way Columbia is a college town and would definitely be a wise choice to try and get a sales rep here maybe once of twice a year. Especially on game-days in the fall

    Thanks for you help and time.

    Here is the website for them.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      I don’t know how it works down there (and I don’t know retail pricing, either)… sorry! Anyone want to chime in for Bil? What are ya’ll paying and in what state?
      I hear that area is blowing up – we only have 3.3 territory reps so far but our national guy swings thru at least once a year or so… but yes, more would be better! In time, we’ll get there… Thanks for seeking out our beer!

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