Weyerbacher’s Visitors Center is now open SEVEN days a week!

Updated 5/13/14


Hours are 12 noon to 5pm (the only day we are NOT open ’till 7p). Tours will be provided throughout the day – c’mon down!
We’ll be tapping two VERY RARE beers: Tarte Nouveau and Sunday Morning Stout! Growlers of each will be available starting at noon while supplies last! 
GROWERS ARE BACK IN STOCK!  We have Camelopardalis, Auriga, Bootes and Insanity available for growler fills only! Come get a growler and drink it up! 


Rhumpshaka is available now! Free samples of this rum barrel-aged 11% brew are available while supplies last! This brew is NOT being distributed, it’s available here only!  Read about Rhumpshaka and get some before it is gone! Weyerbacher Rhumpshaka is still in-stock unless specifically stated in THIS post. 


White Sun Witwhite-sun-wit-no-warning

White Sun Wit is now available! White Sun Wit (4.6% ABV) is a crisp and hazy Belgian-Style Wit.  White Sun Wit is Weyerbacher’s thirst-quenching spring and early summer ale.  The nose has a light spiciness from the coriander, orange peel, grains of paradise, and star anise.  The palate reveals a mild, refreshing and effervescent wheat beer that finishes with just a hint of tartness.  Available from April through July.  Enjoy!

Note: White Sun Wit was formerly known as Blanche.  The recipe is absolutely identical, this was simply a name change.  You can read about Blanche and all of its comments in the Retired Beers Directory.


Weyerbacher Has a Brand New Bar and Expanded Hours!

Weyerbacher has been overhauling the Visitors Center to provide a better experience for our guests and we’re excited to announce that the 1st phase is now complete!  Come  sample beers from the new system (which offers 2 more styles regularly AND has twice as many taps and linear bar top to reduce crowding) and pick up some of your favorite beers to-go!

Weyerbacher’s Visitors Center is now open noon until 7pm Monday Through Saturday and we are now open Sundays, noon to 5pm!  We still offer the same great selection of beers for sale and we’re still offering free beer samples.  Full, in-depth tours remain Friday evenings and throughout Saturday and Sunday as we’re still in production during the week.  No guarantee but, if it’s calm, we’ll try to show you around briefly on a weekday afternoon / evening.



Brewery Tour Schedule:

Friday: 5:30pm

Saturday: 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 5:00pm

Sunday: TBA so just show up and we’ll show you around!

Tours are FREE and can last between 30 and 45 minutes, depending upon audience participation / enthusiasm.  On our tour one will learn about our history as a brewery, our current distribution and sales areas, ingredients in our beer as well as the entire brewing to packaging process.  Depending upon which tour guide you have you’re likely to get some other great beer trivia / history or stories from the ‘old days’ of Weyerbacher.  You’re always free to leave the tour and head back to the Visitors Center, it’s not a very big brewery.

Please note:  The brewery is made out of concrete, steel and some wood; there is NOTHING ‘soft’ about it.  Please make appropriate footwear choices accordingly!


What’s on Tap?  What’s available in bottles and kegs?

Below is a list of the beer we expect to have available if you visit us TODAY.  Please be advised that beer is available on a first come, first served basis and as such, may sell out at any moment.


Bring your beer home in a growler!

Growlers enable you to buy our draft beer in 1/2 gallon jugs to enjoy at home, the BBQ, your favorite BYO restaurant, tomorrow’s poker game or wherever you bring great beer!  Our glass growler jugs are just $3 each and can be filled with your choice of our draft beers noted below!  Best of all, save the jug (and clean it at home, please) and we’ll re-fill it for you on your next visit!  It’s the greenest way to buy our beer without having to own a kegerator!

Please be advised that per PLCB rules, we may only refill “our own” growlers.  We simply cannot fill a growler with another brewery’s logo on it (without completely covering ALL of the original graphics on it with stickers so it looks like it came from here).  Yes, we’ll fill your pretty swing-top 2L growler but please be OK with us putting a big sticker on it!

Growler beers: 

12 oz bottles piled high!

12 oz bottles piled high!

Merry Monks
Old Heathen
Last Chance IPA
Double Simcoe IPA
Blithering Idiot
White Sun Wit
Camelopardalis (while supplies last!)

12 oz Bottles:

White Sn Wit
Merry Monks
Old Heathen
Last Chance IPA
Double Simcoe IPA
Blithering Idiot

750ml / 25.4 oz. Bottles:

Merry Monks
Double Simcoe IPA


Kegs (available sizes noted):  

Microstar Half Barrel (L) and Sixtel (R)

Microstar Half Barrel (L) and Sixtel (R)

White Sun Wit 1/2, 1/6
Heresy 1/2, 1/6
Merry Monks  1/2, 1/6
Old Heathen  1/2, 1/6
Last Chance IPA  1/2, 1/6
Double Simcoe IPA  1/2, 1/6
Blithering Idiot  1/2, 1/6
Verboten 1/2, 1/6
Quad 1/6
Insanity 2014 1/6


A “sixtel” or “sixth-barrel” is a 23 1/2″ tall by 9 1/2″ diameter cylinder with a 5.16 gallon volume.  A “half barrel” is also 23 1/2″ tall but is 15 1/2 in diameter.  Both feature American Sankey connections.  We charge a $30 deposit or welcome any Microstar branded keg as an exchange.  Sorry, we cannot exchange any other brand of empty keg.


 Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact bill@weyerbacher.com or call 610-559-5561

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21 Responses to “Weyerbacher’s Visitors Center is now open SEVEN days a week!”

  1. avatar Dan says:

    All that beer…it looks so lonely.

    Have wanted to go down there all week and get some pumpkin and other cases, but one thing after another interferes. Thanks for keeping an up-to-date list of inventory available, will be down there soon.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      We’ll update the list each time something new comes out or when we sell out of something. Hope to see you soon!

  2. avatar Brian says:

    I would love to come pick up some of the new Aries but I’m not sure when I could get there — how long do you expect it to last/be available?

  3. avatar Ian says:

    This is excellent news. Being retired, I can visit off brewery and road traffic peak hours.

  4. avatar Jeff says:

    Hey guys,

    My birthday is on Friday, November 8th. My wife has volunteered to drive me over to your brewery so I can take a look (and sample) at your operation. I’m a home brewer so I’m really interested in seeing how things are done on a larger scale. I just wanted to confirm a few things before we planned to come:

    -The Friday “tour” starts at 5:30 PM, right?
    -Pints are not available at the bar? Just 2 oz samples?
    -Are single 12 oz bottles available for purchase? Bombers? 6 packs?


    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Jeff, You’re spot-on! We can recommend a number of great restaurants in the area once you get hungry. Happy birthday – we’ll see you then! Cheers!

  5. avatar Chip says:

    It would be nice to have a price list for all of this too. I would much rather purchase from the brewery itself but it also has to make sense to drive there vs. going to the beer store down the road. Thanks!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi Chip! While I value your suggestion, posting prices is something we do not do because we do not want to advertise being higher or lower than any other outlet. You are welcome to call me at the brewery and I’ll discuss the pricing one on one with you but the real draw to the brewery is the ability to taste all the beers for free, take a free tour and while you’re here you can get some beer to go. Bill Bragg, VC Manager. 610-559-5561

  6. avatar Josh says:

    Any idea when Merry Monks in 12oz is gonna be in stock? Thanks.

  7. avatar Bill Bragg says:

    Merry Monks is in stock! Sorry, it was simply missing from the list.

  8. avatar Sam says:

    Do you all have pint glasses for sale?

  9. avatar greg says:

    Any news when the golden ale aged in rum barrels will be ready? The suspense is too much!

  10. avatar John says:

    When is your next batch of Heresy going to be available?

  11. avatar Matt says:

    Do you have 12 oz bottles of Insanity? My local distributors never have it, and I’d be willing to make the trek.

  12. avatar robert oakes says:

    do you guys sell pints at the visitors center?

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