The Weyerbacher Rhumpshaka Release is set for Friday, April 18th at noon!


Hey Weyerbacher fans: we’re releasing Rhumpshaka this Friday at noon!  The Visitors Center tasting bar will be open as usual and our regularly-scheduled tour at 5:30 will be unaffected!

“. . .but WHY are you releasing it at noon on a Friday? That stinks because __ [insert reason here]__!”

Ok, yes—this does seem a little goofy at first but here’s why we’re doing it: LOGISTICS. We’ve got 200 cases of Rhumpshaka which will be split between Friday and Saturday so everyone has a chance to get a crack at it! 45 cases are being held until Saturday at 12:00 noon. The balance come available on Friday at noon in our best attempt to eliminate lines and parking lot congestion. While we really enjoy those big events we’ve done in the past, we recognize they can be off-putting for some folks (for example: anyone not able to park within sight of the building!) so we’ve tweaked our release plan quite a bit for this weekend and we’ll see how it goes!

  • 155 cases available Friday at noon
  • 45 cases available on Saturday at noon
  • Special entrance for folks looking to get in, grab Rhumpshaka and get out
  • Separate area for Rhumpshaka sampling (not at the regular tasting bar)
  • Special drive-by loading / pick-up area for those with a larger order or parked at a distance
  • Separate register(s) for Rhumpshaka purchases


Hopefully this makes the trip as enjoyable as possible for everyone! The weather is supposed to be nice Friday, though not quite Caribbean. Free Weyerbacher bumper stickers awarded to those donning pirate-inspired attire (and allowing us to photograph them for our Instagram page)!

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20 Responses to “The Weyerbacher Rhumpshaka Release is set for Friday, April 18th at noon!”

  1. avatar Greg says:

    Hey guys, do we know the price per bottle and case yet?

  2. avatar Eric Godley says:

    How well this age in cellar conditions. I’m thinking about grabbing a case and letting most of it sit and drink them over the next two or three years

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Well it’s un-hoppy and bottle conditioned high-ABV beer; All indications are that it should do well in the cellar. I’m planning on it doing well! It’s all personal preference, though. It was aged in old Rum (or ‘Rhum’, if you will) casks so it will likely have a fairly aged taste to it right now. Let us know!

  3. avatar Billy BoneZ says:

    “. . .but WHY are you releasing it at noon on a Friday? That stinks because “NO PIRATE EVER STARTS HIS VOYAGE ON FRIDAY”

  4. avatar Lucy says:

    So you don’t have to buy it by the case, you can buy it by the bottle?

  5. avatar Rob says:

    Is this brewery only or will there be distro to regular areas?

  6. avatar Josh Z says:

    Bill, is this the first time you guys have done this beer? It sounds great. I’ll be there tomorrow.

  7. avatar Frank says:

    This absolutely has to be your next seasonal offering. You guys brew my favorite brews of all time. Blasphemy being my favorite. Until now maybe. Rhumpshaka is awesome!!!!!

  8. avatar Andrew says:

    So if I come in tomorrow will there be any left?

  9. avatar August West says:

    I agree with Frank. I think that I like it better than Blasphemy. Either way, undoubtedly INCREDIBLE!!!!!

  10. avatar Jerm says:

    Will you still have rhumpshaka this weekend? 5/9/14 driving up from central jersey.

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