Weyerbacher Update March 6, 2014

Latest Beer Releases

Heresy, Weyerbacher’s Old Heathen Imperial Stout aged in used bourbon barrels, is now available throughout our distribution area! This 8% ABV rich, dark stout pairs wonderfully with the bourbon notes. Get some before it’s gone!

camelopardalis-labelCamelopardalis (meaning Camel Leopard AKA Giraffe) is the next installment in the Brewers’ Select Series. Debuting Friday, March 7th, 2014 at noon at Weyerbacher’s Visitors Center!

With a deceptively low bitterness measurement of just 40 IBU and a whopping 10.2% ABV, this Belgian-style IPA sports huge aromatic notes of orange, coconut and tropical fruits (thanks to the whirlpool blast of over 200 pounds of Hopsteiner OCC Experimental and Simcoe Hops!). It’s vinous, leggy and has a nice, fluffy white head. The dry, malty backbone is courtesy of a 100% North American pale malt grain bill fermented with a Belgian wheat beer yeast. Esters of green apple linger on your palate. The bitterness doesn’t hang out too long, so it makes for a great pairing with delicate foods as well as spicy dishes. This beer was brewed to be consumed immediately, so please do not age it at all! Enjoy it fresh, enjoy it now!

Camelopardalis will be available on draft in extremely limited quantities in restaurants and bars in early March. 12 oz. bottles are available exclusively at the Visitors Center. We’ll fill growlers too!

Upcoming Beer Releases

riserva-2014Riserva 2014 will debut Thursday, March 27th at noon! The Visitors Center will only have a very limited amount since there is so much demand for it through our wholesalers. So if you plan to pick some up at the brewery, don’t wait! Even though the last batch we produced was dated 2012, this offering is Riserva 2014 since the aging process has pulled the release later and later each year. Don’t worry – you didn’t miss a batch, we just got caught up to the right name for the right year! Riserva 2014, like all Riserva releases in the past, will be a unique brew. Due to the extended barrel aging and the wild nature of the microflora used to sour this beer, each year’s release can be quite different. Look for it in late March or early April. If you’re local, stop by the Visitors Center for a free sample!

rhumpshakaRhumpshaka will be ready for an April release! Available exclusively at the Visitors Center in bottle-conditioned 750 ml format, this beer will not last long! Rhum is the old world/pirate way of spelling rum. Rhumpshaka started life as an almost nondescript 11% ABV beer using 80% Pilsner malt and 20% oats to allow the character of the rum barrels to be the focus. Rhumpshaka spent over 9 months in 12 old rum barrels, some of which were commissioned back in 1982! The resulting beer is unfiltered and has a profound boozy character. Huge coconut and passionfruit-like aromas fill your nose. The heat from the rum is immediately apparent and blends well with the vanilla and coconut flavors, which linger on your palate. It’s a sweeter finish with tannic notes commensurate with extended barrel aging. We’ll only have about 90 cases, so be sure to grab some for your cellar as soon as it is released!

On the subject of barrels, Blasphemy will be released in May! Our Quad, the second Quadruppel ever brewed (and the first in the US), becomes Blasphemy when aged in used bourbon barrels. This huge 11.8% ABV 750 ml cork and cage release is a fantastic addition to any cellar! Stay tuned for more details!

Available Now in Stores!

Tango, a 750 ml cork and cage bottle of Belgian-Style Dark ale with Cherries added, is available in limited quantities throughout our distribution area. Tango is a reboot of our Brewers’ Select series installment of the same name from the winter of 2011. At 10.6% ABV, this is an excellent candidate for your cellar!

Insanity, Weyerbacher’s Blithering Idiot Barleywine aged in used oak bourbon barrels, has been shipped to retailers throughout our distribution area. This incredibly complex beer is 11.1% ABV. Insanity ages extremely well, so be sure to lay some down for a few years and see just how amazing this beer is! Be sure to get some before it is sold out!

Two Belgian-style beers we offer year round are Tiny and Verboten. Verboten is a Belgian-style Pale Ale, which pairs very well with many types of food and at only 5.9% ABV, you can have a few! On the other side of the spectrum is Tiny, our year round big black Belgian-style Imperial Stout. Tiny only comes in a 750 ml bottle, is bottle conditioned and is dated for freshness for 5 years! Another awesome cellar candidate!

New Equipment Ordered!

Weyerbacher recently placed an order with JV Northwest for 6 new 80 barrel fermenters, as well as a brand spankin’ new 40 barrel brewhouse! Our current system is a Frankensteined hand-me-down from our friends at Victory and it’s simply way too small for our needs these days. The new brewery equipment will begin to trickle in over the next 6 months or so, and will also include an in-line carbonator and a centrifuge! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to see pictures as all of our new shiny stuff comes together!

Last Chance IPA Donations

Weyerbacher strives to support small, local and regional animal welfare agencies by donating money raised through the sales of Last Chance IPA! Our February 2014 donation was to the Center for Animal Health and Welfare for $2,019.79. This brings us to a grand total of $43,757.70 donated since Last Chance debuted in May 2012! And now, we’ve got more ways for you to help! Weyerbacher Last Chance t-shirts, collars, leashes, travel dog bowls, keychains and our brand new Last Chance pint glass all contribute to this monthly donation! Check out these items in our online store! Read more about Last Chance IPA. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THIS MISSION AND HELPING US MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO ALL THESE SHELTERS AND THEIR ANIMALS!

Weyerbacher’s Visitors Center

Weyerbacher’s Visitors Center is where you can connect directly with the brewery! Located in the western end of our brewery, it features 12 to 15 different beers available for FREE sampling every day of the week (except Sunday) from noon until 7 pm! We conduct a FREE in-depth tour of our entire facility on Friday at 5:30 pm and on Saturday at 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm! Tours are open to the public, and are stroller and wheelchair friendly! No reservations are needed, however, if you plan to bring a group of 15 or more people, we really appreciate a heads-up! Send us a note!

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6 Responses to “Weyerbacher Update March 6, 2014”

  1. I had the aged Heresy at Nik’s Wunderbar in Whitehouse a few weeks ago and it was wonderful. I like the dark stout-like beers, so I wasn’t as pleased with the Quad they had two weeks ago. I am looking forward to the new Heresy that you mention above and maybe the tango if I can get it at Bourbon Street Liquor on 22.

  2. avatar Maria says:

    Will bottles of Riserva be available for purchase only through the end of the weekend of March 27th? Or is there a chance some might still be available in early April at the Visitor’s Center?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi Maria! They go on sale that date but will last as long as they last. Sorry to be vague but there is no guarantee of who will come and how much they will buy. Our ‘special release’ beers don’t disappear overnight any longer because we no longer are required to sell beer in case format. We will have just 60 cases of Riserva and not one bottle more because it is also being distributed throughout our wholesale network. If you miss out at the Visitors Center, there is still a good chance you will find it out in the market!

  3. avatar Dan says:

    Congrats on the positive “Eighteen” reviews. Please consider making another Weizenbock, it was very good.

  4. avatar Eric Godley says:

    What is the price of a bottle of riserva this year. I’m taking orders for friends and coming down tomorrow to pick up a few.

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