Tango is a big, bold, Belgian-style dark ale brewed with 1,200 pounds of cherries!

Tango pours a beautiful ruby color with a nice fluffy head offering a very complex aroma of cherries and other dark fruits. The strong 750ml glass bottle finished with a cork and cage allows the very robust bottle-conditioning responsible for Tango’s effervescence. Dark fruit flavors join the cherries to match up with the strong malt bill with the Belgian yeast adding its 2 cents along the way.

2014-01-13 16.25.17Tango weighs in at 10.6% ABV and was brewed using a base of Pilsener Malt with Honey Malt, Special B, Aromatic Malt and a touch of Chocolate Malt. Apollo hops balance all that sweetness to 35 IBU. Tango is available throughout our distribution area for a limited time only!

Be sure to get some before it’s gone! Will cellar well. Released January, 2014.

The original 12oz. bottle label for Brewers' Select "Tango" released in 2011.

The original 12oz. bottle label for Brewers’ Select “Tango” released in 2011.

Tango debuted as the 20th installment of Weyerbacher’s Brewers’ Select Series in November of 2011.  Brewers’ Select ‘Tango’ wasn’t bottle conditioned, was a tad lower in alcohol and was distributed in kegs only to a very limited amount of bars and restaurants. 12 oz bottles were available exclusively at the Visitors Center.

Be sure to leave your comments about what you think of Tango! Your voice counts—let us know if you’d like to see Tango again next year!

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21 Responses to “Tango”

  1. avatar TerrapinJess says:

    Makes me want to Play Super Mario Bros. 2 and seek out all the dancing, dangling cherries!

  2. avatar Eric Godley says:

    Was at the brewery the moment this was released, a nice little surprise I wasn’t expecting. The beer is flavorful and has very little booze taste despite it being over 10%. This is a good beer and I think it deserves a permanent spot in your lineup

  3. avatar August West says:

    Excellent Choice Boys!!! Tango was (for me) one of the Top 3 Ales from that particular “Series.” Mainly because it was different from anything else offered in the Weyerbacher line, and secondly because it was DELICIOUS!!! I can’t wait to get up there and try it Bottled Conditioned!!! CHEERS!!!

  4. avatar Alex says:

    Will we get it in SC? We do get all of your other limited brews here. Blasphemy, Riserva, Althea, etc. Cheers!

  5. avatar Alex says:

    Will you guys re-boot Sixteen? With a different name of course.

  6. avatar Craig g says:

    Will it be available at Pletchers in State College, PA?

  7. avatar Mike H says:

    Amazing beer… wish it was around perminantly…. even if you make a batch or two a year id be happy… either way hope to see it again sometime! Thanks for bringing it back. Bought 3 bottles in Phillipsburg NJ for 8.99 a bottle

  8. avatar Scotty Mac says:

    Fantastic! I did not get a fluffy head, however, it was still an amazing take on a belgian. The cherries on the back-end are just wild! I must go find another to cellar!

  9. avatar August West says:

    Attention ALL Weyerbacher Fans! I had my 1st “Bottle Conditioned” Tango Last Night. INCREDIBLE!!! However, I couldn’t get away with not sharing it with my wife so I needed to crack open another Beer when it was gone. Decided to go with a 3 year old QUAD. Just like Heaven!!!!! You have GOT to try these 2 Ales Piggybacked. You will not be sorry!!! I PROMISE!

  10. avatar David says:

    Bought One bottle of Tango awhile ago at the brewery. Just opened it tonight. Wish I had bought more! We need this on a regular basis.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Cheers, David! There seems to still be some of it out there in the market! Stock up! It should be back this winter!

  11. avatar Clifton says:

    Bought a case early in the year and it didn’t last very long. Super easy to drink and it packs a hidden punch. Looking forward to the next round.

  12. avatar Art says:

    Had my first two Tangos last night at the Bocktown bar and grill in Pittsburgh. Great brew!!

  13. avatar Joe says:

    Tango still available as of mid-June?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      No, not at the brewery. We’ve been sold out for several months. You may be able to find some of the market- where are you located?

  14. avatar Alex says:

    Any idea why SC hasn’t gotten any Tango?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      It looks like SC ordered after we were already sold out. Tango will be back next year – make sure your favorite retailer knows you want it and puts an order in by Thanksgiving! Cheers!

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