Aries is the 3rd installment in the latest round of Brewers’ Select Series beers!  Aries breaks the mold of preceding Brewers’ Select beers in that it is NOT a new beer—rather, it is a blend of two existing beers which have been being mixed by Weyerbacher employees for a few years now.  In perfect timing for October / Halloween, Aries is a delicious blend of Old Heathen Imperial Stout and Imperial Pumpkin Ale!

Known around the brewery as a “Black & Orange”, this mix is generally credited to Weyerbacher’s Philly Sales Rep Mike Lubieski as being a way to support his Flyers and also by NJ Sales Rep Natalie DeChico who got it into firkins here and there (she’s the former Philly Beer Geek and creator of Althea).  By mixing these two brews, the otherwise pretty dominant cinnamon and nutmeg spices of Imperial Pumpkin Ale are subdued by Old Heathen while highlighting the malt backbone of both beers. The result is a really balanced yet spicy dark beer which will work very well as a dessert beer and still pair nicely with your favorite fall foods.

Since both Old Heathen and Imperial Pumpkin Ale are each 8% ABV, Aries is also a very manageable 8% [really complicated math here].

When Aries was originally conceived, the plan was to mix Heresy—our Bourbon barrel-aged Old Heathen—with Imperial Pumpkin Ale.  On the day the decision had to be made, however, it was found that the brand new batch of Old Heathen actually tasted better in the mix so we switched things up a bit. The result speaks for itself!


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21 Responses to “Aries”

  1. avatar docfrenzy says:

    I’m too far to visit the Visitors Center, but I’m intrigued! I have both stocked in my pantry… so tell me: what is the proper ratio?

  2. avatar docfrenzy says:

    P.S.: I’m also an Aries, so I’m “suitably” intrigued… ;-)

  3. avatar Alex says:

    So, if I mix those 2 beers 50/50, will it be Aries? Or is it 60/40?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      50/50! It’ll be the same beer! Trick is, do you have IPU? It’s selling out everywhere! We have plenty at Weyerbacher’s Visitors Center!

  4. avatar Nat says:

    Definitely interested in picking some up! How much are these and do they come in singles, 4 packs or 6 packs?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      In the market you will ONLY find it on draft at certain bars and restaurants. The only place to get it in bottles is at Weyerbacher, starting this Friday (tomorrow) when we open at noon! We sell it in 12 oz bottles and growlers and you can by as little as a single 12 oz bottle at the Visitors Center.

      • avatar docfrenzy says:

        Bill, I just picked up some IPU at my local beverage center, Oliver’s, in Albany, NY. Should I interpret what you are you saying as “there’s no more in circulation except fro the brewery” … meaning “if you want any more you should go grab what’s left on the shelf”?

  5. avatar Jeffrey Hartley says:

    Is it available for 6 pack purchases?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Yes, it is available in as small a purchase as a single 12 oz bottle at the Visitors Center. We’ll fill growlers of it, too. Hooray for no more full-case laws at the brewery!

  6. avatar August West says:

    I was going to do this last night but wasn’t sure about the ratio. I usually age my IPU because the Bite of the Spices becomes more subtle but after reading about Aries I think the “Bite” is going to be a good thing. Can’t wait to get home. AND, now I may need to leave early. I think I’m feeling sick. “Wink, Wink.”

  7. avatar August West says:

    OH MY!!! THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! No doubt in my mind that I will be mixing myself another “Aries” again tonight! Thanks Bill.

  8. avatar Alex says:

    What is IPU??? I’m about 8+ away from you guys. :(

  9. avatar Jeffrey Hartley says:

    How much for a six pack purchase?

  10. avatar Jeffrey Hartley says:

    Yes! Thanks. A friend who lives in Easton just picked it up for me last night, can’t wait to get home tonight to try it out!

  11. avatar Erin says:

    Will Aries ever be re-released?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Yes! Unfortunately, however, it’s DIY. Grab some Imperial Pumpkin Ale and some Old Heathen and mix ‘em yourself! Aries was a 50 / 50 blend. Opinions, like other things, vary; *I* prefer it more like 33% OH and 66% IPU. Cheers!

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