Indoor Heatwave!

Thermometer closeup

This is the thermometer on the brewdeck!  103ºF at 10am

While the Northeast’s ridiculous heatwave is fresh on our minds I thought it would be topical to discuss the brewers’ working environment.  On my commute to the brewery today I noticed my dashboard thermometer for outside temps was actually below 90º F for the first time in what feels like weeks.  My windows were down, moon roof open and the AC was actually off.  As I joined what I can imagine as hoards of folks in a huge collective sigh of relief, I immediately felt guilty when I passed some highway workers.  I began thinking about them and wondered how they and other outdoor workers like roofers and landscapers out there were affected by the recent heatwave.  Hopefully they’re all feeling a bit of relief with the partial cloud cover and increased breezes.  Our brewers, however, are not out of the woods yet!

Granted our guys are inside and not exposed to too much heat from the sun but many people may not realize that our brewers will be subjected to sustained 100º+ temperatures nearly all day and will continue to be well over 90º for perhaps the next few months!  WHY, you might ask, is it so damned hot inside?!?  Our brewers work on a 40 square foot raised stainless steel platform suspended over a hot water drainage basin sandwiched between two 200º+ steam-fired stainless steel tanks of boiling wort which sustain nearly 100% humidity in that immediate area.  That is really, REALLY hot.  These guys drink more water and electrolyte / potassium supplement stuff than I have ever seen!  There’s a reason why all our brewers wear shorts all year long!   

So, as you grab your favorite Weyerbacher brew and pour it into your classy cuvée glass (get one here!), keep our overheated brewers in mind and be thankful they make this exhausting sacrifice for us!
Brewer Chris Reilly beside the boil kettle.

Brewer Chris Reilly emptying spices into the steamy boil kettle.


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  1. avatar Scott Walters says:

    Give them a raise! Bill

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