Eighteen years!  What a ride!  We started life as a tiny self-distributed production brewery with a focus on tasty English beers.  In the beginning we were producing under 2,000 kegs in total output (1,000 barrels).  We opened a pub in ‘98, moved to a bigger facility in ’01, acquired additional spaces between ’04 and ’09, built an addition in ’12 all the while obtaining better and more efficient equipment and hiring more and more staff!  We’ve won some pretty serious awards, including but not limited to a Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal (in the Specialty Honey Beer Category, GABF Category: 11).  If Weyerbacher was a person, we’d be eligible to join the military, buy smokes…  but we still can’t drink or rent a car.

Eighteen.”  Yes, we are very creative with the names of our beers.  Well, we were very creative.  Our 10th anniversary (our  first anniversary beer) was called Decadance.  How badass did we think we were?  Gold stars all around!  Then, the next year, the wheels on the creativity bus fell off and we went straight to pun-free numbers.

At 11.1% ABV, Eighteen is a big Weizenbock; a “Weizendoppelbock” to be perfectly clear! The malt bill is entirely German:  Wheat, Munich, Pils, Carawheat and Chocolate wheat.  Eighteen’s nose is reminiscent of a big dark Belgian-style ale with a touch of smokiness. The color is a hazy deep brown.  Eighteen features a complex combination of dark fruit and bready malts  with chocolate flavors that are perfectly balanced with spicy phenols and banana esters.  This unfiltered and bottle-conditioned ale has a creamy, textured mouthfeel and a warming finish.  Eighteen is available in ⅙ barrel kegs and 12 oz bottles for a limited time only.  This beer will age very nicely, yielding more dark fruits as time passes!

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  1. avatar Matt says:

    just got a 4 pack of this. Absolutely fantastic! Wish this was a regular beer of yours, I’d make sure my fridge was always stocked with it. One of my favorite beers of yours, and is currently filling the void in my life since Slam Dunkel has been retired :)

  2. avatar Nat says:

    I’m looking for some Eighteen. Tried calling both distributors in MD and DC/VA but both phones were disconnected. Can you give me an updated number of your distributor so I can check with them to find myself some 18?


  3. avatar Bill Bragg says:

    Whoa! Didn’t see that the DC page wasn;t updated. Sorry! Here’s the new info!

    Northern Virginia & The District of Columbia
    Hop & Wine Dists.
    Sterling, VA

    Maryland and The District of Columbia
    Legends, Ltd.
    Baltimore, MD

  4. avatar Gordon Drake says:

    Going on tap for our guests tomorrow, very excited!

  5. avatar Kevin Bastos says:

    Looking for some 18 around the Pittsburgh area. Calls in with two distributors so far. Any idea when it will make it this far?

  6. avatar Alex says:

    Not as bad as Seventeen, but I’m still dissapointed. At $15 a 4-pack it should be as good as Sixteen and Fifteen. Losing my faith in you guys. It tasted as bad as Slam Dunkel, only higher ABV. :(

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Sorry you didn’t like it, Alex! If you’re a fan of heavier wheat beers and big Belgians, this is a home run. If not, hey—that’s cool, too. We make lots of beers and the nature of the Anniversary beers is to do something big and different each year. Maybe you’ll love next year’s Anniversary beer! Lose faith not—simply keep trying these different beers and judge them for what they are!

  7. avatar August Wset says:

    I hadn’t had one of these since I purchased them back in June. After 2+ months aging I could see LOTS of unfilteredness lying on the bottom. So I gently shook it up (okay not so gently) until I could see it had all blended back together and then I carefully Crrrrrrrrrrrracked it open (and I mean VERY carefully) and….. WOW!!!!! So Creamy & Delicious!!! I can really taste the Banana’s! It reminds me alot of Slam Dunkel but there is SO much more going on here. THANK YOU AGAIN BOYS!!!!!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Cheers, Auggie! That beer (to me, IMHO) is like what a 5-year-aged Quad tastes like… can’t wait to see how it does in a few more years!

  8. avatar Dave Zal says:

    Know where I can get some in the Albany NY area?

  9. avatar Ray says:

    Please dont stop making this beer. this beer (eighteen) is by far the best.it stands above any of the big name german brewaries

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Sorry Ray, but the nature of an anniversary beer here at Weyerbacher is that it is here only once and then gone forever! Well, forever-ish. We brought back a version of Thirteen as Tiny. Otherwise, so far, no repeats! Eighteen will age well – be sure to stock up!

  10. avatar Barry Evans says:

    Managed to get a glass of 18 at the Pony Bar in Manhattan. Loved it. Of course, i don’t think there’s been a weyerbacher i haven’t liked :) Keep on feeding my addiction.

  11. avatar Emilie says:

    I absolutely love this beer. Is there any where I can get a case of it in the Pittsburgh area? Am I too late?

  12. avatar Jonathan says:

    Did you sell out of this year’s anniversary beer? I’m coming back to the area next weekend for the holiday and was wondering if there is any left at the brewery for the make your own cases.

  13. avatar David M Gunzburg says:

    Just got a 4 pack of this, and once more a hit out of the park, Still not Blasphemy, but for a fruit base with a rich creamy mix, The best way to describe it is alcohol infused Bananas and Caramel. Fantastic Job.

  14. avatar Matt Odom says:

    Please consider brewing Eighteen again, possibly under the name of Velour or Velvet!

  15. avatar Ian says:

    I am very pleased that I recognized the “banana” when I first tasted Eighteen and then saw it in the description. For me, it is like “Twelve”, biding time when it will evolve as Twelve did.

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