White Sun Wit


White Sun Wit (4.6% ABV) is a crisp and hazy Belgian-Style Wit.  White Sun Wit is Weyerbacher’s thirst-quenching spring and early summer ale.  The nose has a light spiciness from the coriander, orange peel, grains of paradise, and star anise.  The palate reveals a mild, refreshing and effervescent wheat beer that finishes with just a hint of tartness.  Available from April through July.  Enjoy!

Note: White Sun Wit was formerly known as Blanche.  The recipe is absolutely identical, this was simply a name change.  You can read about Blanche and all of its comments in the Retired Beers Directory.

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11 Responses to “White Sun Wit”

  1. avatar August West says:

    Beautiful Label! I wish that I was sitting on the end of that Pier drinking one right now! Come on April!

  2. avatar Rico Gonzales says:

    Will the white sun wit be available in stores like wegman’s?

  3. avatar Seth says:

    When will White Sun Wit be available to purchase?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      We should see White Sun Wit hitting the market April 8th thru the 13th with the Visitors Center releasing it that Friday the 12th!

  4. avatar Mike Chomko says:

    I had a White Sun Wit at a local bar the other night and loved it. What a wonderful, smooth beer.

    • avatar Natalie says:

      Thank you Mike! Very happy to hear you enjoyed it. Here’s to many more during this heat wave, cheers!

  5. avatar Erin says:

    Is the white sun wit available only in bottles? Or can I bring in a growler?

  6. avatar rich says:

    Any distribution channels in Jacksonville, FL?

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