What’s on Tap? Friday, March 1st and Saturday, March 2nd






$19 for each component: Medium Collar with Latch-Buckle, Large Collar with Latch-Buckle, Martingale Collar (without Latch-Buckle), Long Leash and Short Leash.

Each component features a built-in bottle opener and is made using a recycled bicycle innertube!




Miska modeling the standard Last Chance IPA Collar. Miska is a beautiful Golden Retriever service-dog-in-training who lives with Visitors Center bartender Matt Carfagno!


Tassie modeling her Last Chance IPA leash connected to her Gentle Leader leash. Tassie is another Golden Retriever and lives with Visitors Center Manager Bill Bragg.


The shorter leashes are ideal for the Martingale collars and the longer leashes are idea for the latch-buckle collars.



We’ve also got new sweatshirts and wall-mount bottle openers in-stock!




YES!  We still have Sour Black available!


…and we have Winter Ale ….


The brewery is regularly open Friday from 4:30 to 7:00pm and Saturday 12 noon to 3:30pm!  FRIDAYS ARE FAR QUIETER THAN SATURDAYS.  Our tours are free and are held at roughly 5:30pm on Friday and 12:30, 1:15 and 2:15 on Saturday.  Note: Our Friday tour is a lot less formal and a little shorter.  They may need to be adjusted based upon ongoing brewing activity in the building.  Saturday tours are approximately 30 to 40 minutes in duration.  If you intend to take a tour and purchase beer, consider arriving earlier and taking one of the two earlier tours as the bar area can get quite crowded when the last tour is concluded.  No reservations are required however if you plan to come in a larger group, please give us a heads-up several days in advance by clicking here.  Bus tours REQUIRE advance notice and reservation confirmation! You can visit the Visitors Center page for more details on tours and such.

Below is a list of the beer we expect to have available this weekend.  Please be advised that beer is available on a first come, first served basis.

Bottled Beer *

Tap Beer for samples
and 64 oz growlers

Kegs for Sale***

12 oz.
Old Heathen
Merry Monks Ale
Blithering Idiot
Last Chance IPA
Double Simcoe IPA

25.4oz / 750ml

Sour Black (while supplies last!)
Double Simcoe IPA
Merry Monks

Double Simcoe IPA
Blithering Idiot
Merry Monks
Old Heathen
Last Chance IPA

Double Simcoe IPA
Blithering Idiot
Merry Monks
Old Heathen
Last Chance IPA
Insanity (get it now
before it is gone!)

* Please note that we no longer are required to sell you a full case!  You may purchase as little as one single bottle of either 12oz or 750ml size.  If, however, you elect to purchase 24 or more of regardless of size, we will discount your beer order.  Buy in bulk, campers-  it’s cheaper!

** Please be advised that per PLCB rules, we may only fill our “own”   growlers.  We simply cannot fill a growler with another brewery’s logo on it.  The good news:  Our growlers are just $3 and have a self-adhesive label so they could possibly be filled elsewhere as well.

*** This inventory is for 1/6 barrel kegs aka ‘sixtels’.  Some of our styles are available in 1/2 Barrel, please ask bartender for availability.  A sixtel is a 23 1/2″ tall by 9 1/2″ diameter cylinder with a 5.16 gallon volume and an American Sankey coupler.  We charge a $30 deposit or welcome an empty Microstar branded empty keg as an exchange.  We cannot receive any other brand of empty keg.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact bill@weyerbacher.com or call 610-559-5561 before Friday at 4pm.


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33 Responses to “What’s on Tap? Friday, March 1st and Saturday, March 2nd”

  1. avatar Gerryg says:

    Great news on lifting the full case restriction…I’d been anticapating this for a few months since our state governmaent changed these rules! Yahoo

  2. avatar Tom says:

    Do you have any half barrels of Hops Infusion left?

  3. avatar Alex says:

    SIXTEEN??? I thought that you guys were out. Please make it a seasonal.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      We brought back a pallet from a wholesaler that seems not to have known how popular this beer is! You = winning! As for the seasonal return of Sixteen, sorry… it’s just not gonna happen!

  4. avatar Dan says:

    So if you’re releasing imperial pumpkin now, what does that mean for those that want it in October, you know….during Fall? Will it be hard to find and when we do, will it be fresh?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Good question, Dan! We’re only 1/2 way thru our production if Imperial Pumpkin Ale at this point. We’ve got a REALLY TINY brewery considering how much demand there is for Pumpkin… so we have to brew and release it early so we have room to brew more and continue to brew it into mid-September. We also have an eight month ‘freshness’ date on it so it’s well within the freshness zone well into December. So… to try to accurately answer your question, we’re not selling out of Pumpkin Ale for a little while… however individual distributors generally have the goal of only bringing in what they can sell… so they sell out before the winter beers come out. It’s up to the customer to get what they want with enough lead time so they don’t miss out on it. It boils down to knowing your particular retailer well enough so you know what they will or will not have by a certain point. Make sense? For the record, people’s opinions about Imperial Pumpkin Ale ‘freshness’ vary widely. Some people like it more spicy or bitter while others (like me) prefer it with a year ore more on it so it mellows a bit and shows some more of its sweetness. Let us know what you find as far as when you prefer it! Cheers!

  5. avatar August West says:

    I agree with you Bill. Last Fall I purchased Imperial Pumpkin Ale for the 1st time (I never imagined that I would enjoy the Pumpkin and Spices in my Ale but Weyerbacher changed all of that.) I stretched out my consumption thru late Spring and in my opinion, the few that I drank in late April/Early May (2012) were MUCH tastier than the few that I drank in Late September/ Early October (2011.) On my next trip to the Visitors Center (just waiting for the next Brewers Select Release so that I can pick-up two styles on one trip) I am going to Buy a full case and spread them out over a year (or maybe more) and evaluate the change. CHEERS!!!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Great plan, Auggie W! I had a cellar of it several years deep for a bit… I definitely found the place where I no longer like it so I try to drink last year’s brew in THIS year’s season (again, this is MY opinion). When cooking with it, fresh is better so you get the benefits of the spices. DEFINITELY TRY THIS RECIPE!!! It’s off the proverbial hook!

  6. avatar Adam says:


  7. avatar Jason says:

    I and the family are going to be in the area this weekend and would love to come and check out the brewery and taste a few beers. Are kids allowed in, would be really hard to ditch them…

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Your kids (and wife) are welcome! We have noting to offer but beer so BYO [insert whatever occupies your kids here] so they don’t drive you nuts!

  8. avatar Clint says:

    I can’t wait until the Imperial Pumpkin arrives in Pittsburgh. I’ve already called my distributor twice. I’ll be buying two cases this year because it sells out so fast!

  9. avatar Paulette says:

    Oh man I can’t wait to get some! I haven’t seen it anywhere here in Pittsburgh yet. I went on a quest to try as many pumpkin beers as possible last year, and Weyerbacher was hands down the BEST!

  10. avatar Steven says:

    Yeah, I haven’t found it in Pittsburgh this year. Please don’t say it’s not coming to this side of the state this season!

  11. avatar Bill Bragg says:

    Pumpkin is definitely going to Pittsburgh. They may be releasing it at some specific time for some specific reason. You can contact them here: http://www.beersince1933.com/

  12. avatar Andy says:

    Just for giggles..If I brought a sanitized 3 gallon Corny Keg up could I purchase a fill of Blithering Idiot? Would LOVE to have that on tap.. Thanks!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      I DID get some giggles out of that! Thanks! Um, no… HOWEVER… we do stock sixtels (5.16 gallon) with American / domestic Sankey D couplers for a low, low $30 deposit + the cost of the beer!

  13. avatar Chris says:

    What’s the price on those Heresy 1/2 barrels?

  14. avatar Jeff Z says:

    Insanity!!! Bring out the Insanity!!!!!

  15. avatar Tim says:

    I do not see mention of Insanity bottles. Will I be able to buy a case this weekend?

  16. avatar Dan says:

    Any word on the release of 2012 Riserva?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi Dan! Riserva is being bottled and we now enter the ‘great wait’ for the bottle conditioning to occur. I suspect late March is likely. Keep in touch by joining our newsletter (the 1st place we’ll announce the date of the release event) by clicking hte ‘Get some Weyerbacher in Your Inbox’ icon above. Cheers!

  17. avatar Jason Reese says:

    Just wondered – do you have bottles of Winter Ale available at the brewery for this weekend (March 1)? Thanks!

  18. avatar Shane says:

    Do you have used barrels for sale? If so, what time can those be purchased on Saturday? Only until 3:00?


    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi Shane! We do have used barrels for sale – they are $25 each and are available anytime during Visitors Center hours (Fri 4:30 – 7 and Sat 12 – 3:30) and if you need to get it between 8a and 4p M-F, I can help you out – just email me at bill [at] weyerbacher [ dot] com.

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