Last Chance Donation #10

Last Chance Donation #10

It is with much excitement and wagging tails that Weyerbacher Brewing Company announces the 10th donation from the proceeds from Last Chance IPA! The Voorhees Animal Orphanage in Voorhees, NJ received a check for $2,252.50!  The Voorhees Animal Orphanage is a non-profit organization that has one goal in mind: the welfare of the animals.  Since 1988, the Voorhees Animal Orphanage has been dedicated to providing shelter, food and medical care to stray and unwanted animals until permanent homes can be found. Each year the Animal Orphanage takes in nearly 1,500 abandoned, unwanted, stray and owner relinquished animals. In 2009, the Animal Orphanage rescued 275 adoptable animals from high kill shelters along the east coast.

Our New Jeresy Representative Natalie DeChico and Hunterdon Distributor’s Representative Rob Forczek stopped by the Animal Orphange to present the $2,252.50 check, and some Last Chance IPA, to shelter Director Chrisine Todd and Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator Angela Cimino.  Natalie picked this shelter after hearing numerous people mention what a great shelter is it and how they go above and beyond to help the animals.  The icing on the cake for choosing this shelter was when Natalie was at a Weyerbacher event in Berlin, NJ and met up with service dog Moose, his owner Dave, and vet Marvin that work with The Animal Orphanage and were all enjoying some Weyerbacher, except Moose.  Check out the photos from the donation process below!

*Pictured above: Ally is a pitbull mix, Taylor is the black cat, Natalie in green, Angela in blue, Christine in red, and Rob in black.

Each month Weyerbacher donates a portion of their wholesale receipts of Last Chance IPA.  Read about Last Chance IPA by clicking here and learn more about The Animal Orphanage by visiting their website.

Weyerbacher extends “Thank You” to all who are seeking out this beer to help with our effort to provide some financial relief for local non-profit animal welfare shelters.



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  1. avatar Jan says:

    Thanks for your donations to the Animal Orphanage of Voorhees. Your beer is about to become my favorite beverage!

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