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Weyerbacher Tap Handles
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  1. avatar BECKY says:

    I am interested in purchasing a merry monks tap handle

  2. avatar Bill Bragg says:

    Hi Becky! When you purchase a handle online, bump me the paypal receipt and specify what decal(s) you’d like and we;ll include them in your shipment! The decals for each brand are available and the tap handle itself is a blank.

  3. avatar Jeffrey says:

    Placed an order for tap handle but how do you know which one you’re getting? Want a Blithering Idiot tap but not sure how to order specific tap handle. Please confirm. Thanks.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi Jeffrey! Please send me an email at bill {at} weyerbacher {dot} com noting your paypal receipt thing… and what stickers you’d like. Our handles are blank (in the triangle area) and there are decals which go in that empty space…. if you don’t say what stickers you want, we’ll send an assortment. Sorry for the confusion! We’re working on a way for you to indicate what decals you want… though we’re not there yet.

  4. avatar Chris says:

    Is there a way to buy just the stickers if you already have the tap handle?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      We can send ‘em out to you for free. Use the ‘contact us’ link above to tell me what you’d like and to let me know your address. Cheers!

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