Big and delicious, QUAD is an elegant dark ale. Rich with complexity and flavor, try savoring it with a fine dinner. You also might enjoy it as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to a dessert, but QUAD stands alone quite well. We recommend enjoying QUAD in a brandy snifter or wineglass so you can drink in the aroma of this fine ale.

As with any higher alcohol beers, QUAD will be at its best after a period 12 months or so in the bottle, perhaps longer. We expect a shelf life of 3-5 years, but go ahead, we know you can’t wait. Enjoy one now, and another every month or two, and you’ll be truly amazed as QUAD gains smoothness and complexity over time as it ages.

QUAD is available in November and December.

Back in 2007, we decided to throw a ‘lil QUAD into some used bourbon barrels…   sound blasphemous?  Click here to see what happened!


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40 Responses to “QUAD”

  1. avatar PAUL GLORIOSO says:

    what is the abv of this one

  2. avatar Carlos Fernandez says:

    Tried one today and it was very good!! Would buy again!!

  3. avatar Christiana says:

    This has been one of my VERY favorite beers for years now! Also makes a darn good ham!

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  5. avatar Andrew says:

    Received a Weyerbacher beer assortment for Christmas 3 years ago. Somehow QUAD ended up in my unheated basement only to be found just recently. I must say that Weyerbacher QUAD is the best tasting beer I’ve ever had. I’m not sure how much 3 years of storage had to do with it and I never had the chance to try newly brewed and bottle QUAD for comparison. I’ll be at the brewery 1/29/11 for a tour, tastings and definitely a purchase of more QUAD. An outstanding beer!

  6. avatar Ian says:

    Quad is the one I used to ask Dan about when it would be available. It has a mystic quality. Soaked in barrels, it is Blasphemy, but aged in my own cellar, it is unique and a treasure.

  7. avatar Pave' Monkey says:

    A truly spectacular quadruppel rendition.

  8. avatar Paul K says:

    Has this been released yet (Dec 2011) ??

  9. avatar Paul K says:

    Two new cases in the basement. Yay!

    I just opened the case I bought last year and it’s spectacular as ever. I noticed the 2010 has no visible sediment – from memory the previous years had some. Is this a change in the way it’s brewed, the length of time I stored it, or my vivid imagination?

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    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Interesting review… hmmm. Try letting it age, indeed. I have 9 cases in my cellar doing just that. It gets amazing!

  11. avatar Manfred Tilge - mati08 says:

    I “listened” to Ur description and what people had to say…
    Än amazing craftbeer, indeed!
    Do U intend to ship some bottles/cases to SWEDEN? PLEASE!!!

  12. avatar jon says:

    this beer is unfortunately hard to come by, but whenever i see it i buy it, no question.

  13. avatar james macleod says:

    Love don’t live here any more,
    Can’t get QUAD here any more,
    Didn’t age it any way.
    Can I get it soon some day?

  14. avatar Danielle says:

    An amazing dark triple ejoyed it eveytime I had it.

  15. avatar Ed says:

    Do you have a date on Quad yet? Last I heard was 11/6.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      It’ll be made in early November butthe actual release date here at the Visitors Center is as yet undetermined. We must consider when our biggest neighboring distributors (Origlio /Philly and Hunterdon / NJ) release theirs. Mid Nov is probably a safe bet.

    • avatar Natalie says:

      Hi Ed!!! How’s FL?? Florida will get some, definitely! It will surely keep you warm during those, uh, warm months in the Winter? HA!

  16. avatar Ian says:

    I picked up a case of Quad on Black Friday when I bought three cases of Seventeen. This mid afternoon, I savored and compared bottles of the new Quad with one of my three years old Quad in my cellar. It is certainly good to age Quad for its matured balance. The new one has merit though, something I would drink as a reward for mowing the lawns on a summer’s day.

  17. avatar The Lunatic says:

    Quad has become one of my favorites … but I didn’t realize it was seasonal. I would have stocked up!

  18. avatar Jason says:

    The QUAD is great with a bowl of ice cream. I didn’t try mixing the two (beer float anyone?) but sipping the quad between spoonfuls of cherry vanilla ice cream provided an evening treat that sent me to bed satisfied.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Sounds excellent! I do beer floats with Heresy / Old Heathen / Tiny / Imperial Pumpkin Ale (+ Ginger Snap Cookie) All good!

  19. This %&#@ *&%@ed me up like percocet.

  20. avatar Gary in NYC says:

    I didn’t know about this dark ale until now… Sounds amazing and I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for it this coming November!

  21. avatar Alex says:

    Very good Dark Tripel.

  22. avatar sfryauff says:

    “Quad” is my favorite heavy ale. Please make an effort to get more down to your market in Vero Beach, Florida. We get some once a year if lucky and have a growing demand for much more.

  23. avatar Jason says:

    When is this wonderful beer going to be ready this year?

  24. avatar Jerry Smith says:

    Just enjoyed a bottle with a Liederkranz, red onion and pumpernickel sandwich. Very good indeed. Cooled the bottle outdoors from room temperature. Listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra and enjoying.

  25. avatar Ian says:

    I have a bottle of Quad in my glass this middle afternoon. I wrote the date on the case when I bought it, November 2012. My word, how it changes in the cellar over a year and a half.

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