January Newsletter & Riserva Event Announcement

Riserva 2011 Release Event!

Please join us at the Brewery on Friday, February 10, 2012, from 4:30 to 8:00 pm, to sample and purchaseRiserva 2011. This year’s batch is perfectly carbonated, more full-bodied than any in the past and nicely tart as a sour beer should be! Riserva is an 11.7% abv amber ale, fermented with wild yeast and red raspberries. In choosing the barrels to blend specifically for this year’s batch, we were able to achieve an absolutely beautiful taste profile that’s the epitome of the sour beer experience. We feel that this is the best Riserva ever.

Also at this event:

  • We’re releasing the final 25 cs of Rapture, 3 bottle max per person.
  • This year’s Insanity, barrel aged Barleywine, will be released and available to sample or buy.
  • Many of our brewers will be on hand to answer questions and serve you.
  • New logistics and flow plan for a comfy experience for our visitors.
  • Be among the first to see the unveiling of our new logo and new jester design (see below for more details).
  • And, yes, you can purchase our other beers at this event as well.

Weyerbacher’s New Logo

Weyerbacher will be unveiling their new logo to the public for the first time. The new logo has been a year and a half in the making and has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the brewery. Developed in conjunction with SSMCreative, Weyerbacher’s new logo is just the start of a complete rebranding and repackaging initiative that will be rolled out through 2012. Dan Weirback had this to say about the new logo, “We’re really proud of the new identity. It’s really representative of the bold inventiveness that is a part of our beers and we’re really excited about having our visual identity catch up with the great quality beer that we make.”

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8 Responses to “January Newsletter & Riserva Event Announcement”

  1. avatar Aleks says:

    Thinking it’s not, but Insanity wouldn’t happen to be bottled in 750 as well as 12 oz bottles, would it?

  2. avatar Dan S says:

    And if I look at the Riserva label in the pictures will I get a glimpse of the new logo?

  3. avatar Kenn says:

    What will the prices be for the special releases and how early should i arrive?

  4. avatar Bill Bragg says:

    I posted some pricing notes on the Riserva page – check it out there. i do not think you will need to be there early – we’re open several hours and we only have 20 some cases of Rapture (rationed at 3 bottles per case purchased) and the rest is stocked in-depth and distributed.

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