We have made this release of our Brewer’s Select Series in time to help you enjoy your holidays.  It is a festive combination of malts, Belgian yeast, and cherries.   This dark chestnut brew has a nice caramel malt character, a tart cherry fruitiness that carries throughout, and a nice warming finish.

As with all of our Brewers’ Select beers, Tango is available in draft at awesome Weyerbacher-supporting bars and restaurants and is made available in 12oz bottles at Weyerbacher’s Visitors Center only.  This is a once and done limited release.  Tango is the letter “T” in the NATO / phonetic alphabet.

Belgian-Style Dark Ale brewed with cherries

9.6% ABV, 21IBU

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10 Responses to “Tango”

  1. avatar The Dreidel Boy says:

    Yummy!! When will this be available?? Idiot Drool release??

  2. avatar Bill Bragg says:

    Yessir! This Thursday, 11/17 from 5-8! Check it out here—>

    (Hi Dan!)

  3. avatar Greg says:

    I was away from my computer all weekend and just now saw the post from 11/18 about there being 30 cases of TANGO remaining. I am thinking of taking a road trip up on Saturday to get a case. Is there any still lingering around?

  4. avatar Greg says:

    I will see you Saturday Afternoon! Thanks so much for checking for me.

  5. avatar Rob says:

    Had Tango at Max’s in Baltimore. Such an incredible beer! I’m really disappointed to find out it is a one time release. I had been looking for it everywhere down here. This beer is everything I wanted Mad Elf to be, but never was. Excellent, excellent beer! Do everything you can to bring it back!!!!

  6. avatar Jim says:

    Please brew this again…. it’s simple right? You brew, we buy…

  7. avatar August West says:

    Had my last Tango 2 weeks ago, a very sad day indeed! Great to hear that we may have a cousin heading our way in the not so distant future. Looking forward to it!!!

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