750ml Bottling Line UPDATE

At long last, it is finally here!  Sitting at our loading dock this morning was a little red inter-modal shipping container with a brand new bottling line in it!  It’s a German-built rotary filler and an Italian-built corker and cager.  Beautiful pieces of stainless steel and thickly-painted cast iron.  The riggers danced it into place this morning and we hope to have a test batch of water run through it by the end of the week.  Ambitious?  Yes, but why not cram more stuff into our already insane week?  Scroll down to view a series of first glimpses of the machine.

If you’re coming to the Idiot’s Drool Event this Thursday or you’re coming one weekend soon for FREE tours and tastings at our Visitors Center, you won’t be able to miss seeing this new equipment on your way back to the restroom toward the back wall of our cellar.

Oh, and YES….  this DOES mean that Riserva will be bottled soon!  Wahoo!



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2 Responses to “750ml Bottling Line UPDATE”

  1. avatar Rich Isaacs says:

    Wicked. Guess you have to wait for Riserva to carbonate after bottling it? If so, hope you have more luck than last year. =)

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Exactly. if we bottle it the week after Turkey, there may be a period of a month or two before Riserva tells us she’s ready.

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