We’re super excited to have received a 2011 GOLD MEDAL at the Great American Beer Festival for SIXTEEN in the Specialty Honey Beer Category (GABF Category: 11) out of 32 entries!


2011 marks our sixteenth anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to make another very special beer?  Sixteen is a dark braggot made with 1,440 pounds of honey per 40BBL batch or over 18.5 oz. per gallon!!  That is truly ABSURD!  It is an impressive beer.  We say it for all of the Anniversary beers, but this one is going to be fun to cellar.  It will be really interesting to see how this beauty changes over time.  Here is some marketingese to get you salivating:

Sixteen – Caramel, crystal, munich and chocolate malts form a rich foundation for this dark and complex ale. Brewed with an absurd amount of honey from Pennsylvania bees, this braggot has a profound honey character and a nice warming finish. It is the perfect beer to celebrate our sweet sixteen.

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  1. avatar Hank Rowe says:

    Congratulations! Hopefully some will still be available when I make my pilgrimage to PA this summer! If it looks tight, it would be mighty nice I’d you could put aside a case for this Arizonan… ;-) . I’ve been enjoying your anniversary brews each year, starting with Decadence!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Unfortunately… we have sold ALL of ours to the wholesalers already…. and have nothing left to sell at this time. :^( You can check out the stores known to have such beers in your travels and hopefully you’ll get lucky!

  2. avatar Carl Medsker says:

    Guess I’ll need to start hitting all the beer stores till I can find some. Really curious about what yeast was used. Is it a Belgium strain?

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      The yeast used is our house yeast strain which is Wyeast 1272, American Ale. All of that fruitiness comes from the honey combined with the malts. CW

  3. avatar Kevin Bastos says:

    Love the sixteen. Put away six bottles of it and fifteen for my kids’ twenty-first birthdays. They are eleven, seven, and four. Will they still be good in sixteen and a half years?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      I sure hope so! The ‘freshness’ is date is set for 5 years. All beers change with time… some better, some worse… but certainly they move away from the originally intended flavor of the style as a fresh beer. I am personally banking on it doing very well as I have a substantial inventory in my cellar as well. I suggest you sample additional bottles laid-down with them at realistic intervals so you can crack them and enjoy them before they take a serious turn for the worse. My baby will be born in February and I am starting a stash for her, too! Cheers! ~ Bill Bragg

  4. avatar August West says:

    Hey Bill!!! I too have a substantial inventory (12 cases) of Sixteen in my Cellar. I figure if I can somehow manage to practice a little self control and limit myself to 4 bottles per month (2 cases per year) it will last me six years. I had my 1st bottle back in June and I can tell that the flavor has already changed slightly. However, I honestly can’t say that it’s a bad thing because every time I drink one (or two) I say to myself “This stuff is SOOOOOO good!!! I have totally enjoyed almost every Weyerbacher Brew that I have ever had the pleasure of drinking but I must honestly say that I think this one is my favorite. At least so far. My BIGGEST challenge at this point… Keeping my wife from drinking it all on me. CHEERS BOYS!!! And Ladies too!!! By the way, tonight I had a Tango followed by a Quad, VERY nice pairing.

  5. avatar Ray says:

    I just spent 10 min. writing a wonderful praise of this fantastic beer, but apparently entered the wrong captcha code….the error msg. said to press ‘back’ on my browser, so I did, and it completely lost all my hard-thought words of appreciation. Please please have your webmaster fix this problem, and keep up the great brewing!

  6. avatar Nick says:

    this is an incredible beer. any chance of doing it again?

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  8. avatar Brian says:

    For those of you still looking for some Sixteen, Shangy’s in Emmaus still has a case or two.

  9. avatar Dan says:

    What will seventeen be??

  10. avatar Alex says:

    Can you tell us what type of ale Seventeen will be? Thanks

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  12. avatar Ian says:

    I recognize good ones, I bought seven cases of Sixteen and I have some left in my fifth case. The next one from other four will not be opened until 2016.

  13. avatar Alex says:

    Have one bottle of Sixteen put away. I looked at it today and saw a very small amount of “stuff” floating in it. Three more months to go before I can open it. Should be interesting. After all honey is a natural preservative.

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  15. avatar edd says:

    any chance of this coming back? like you did with 13th anniversary. this is hands down the 2nd best beer ive ever had. i have 4 bottles in the basement and a note in my wallet that before anyone pulls a plug on me to pour these down my throat as my last wish. simply amazing beer. if i never have a chance of buying more can the brewmaster supply me with a rough idea of recipe to homebrew some?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi edd! No, sorry, it’s not coming back – but we will definitely put the recipe up for you soon! We’re working on a homebrewer’s corner type thing so we’ll get all our recipes up there soon!

  16. avatar Alex says:

    Came across 2 4-packs of Sixteen. Already drank them both. Was a very nice surprise/Christmas present. Cheers

  17. avatar August West says:

    Okay. So it’s now almost 3 Years that I have been cellaring my extensive collection (I still have 5 Cases remaining) of SIXTEEN. In the very beginning the Honey was very much up front but as time has gone by it has subsided a bit and more of the Alcohol has come through. However, last night I cracked one open and tasted something that I have not tasted before, Black Licorice. I Love Black Licorice! ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! It will be a VERY sad day when I have none of this AMAZING Ale to indulge in. CHEERS BOYS!!!

    • avatar Mike N says:

      I am in a similar situation as August West. I still have about 5 cases of Sixteen. And after taking a break and not having many for a few months I am am finishing one right now. Agree with his tasting notes. It’s changing but still delicious. Sixteen and Insanity are my favorite Weyerbacher brews.

  18. avatar Ian says:

    August and Mike, I think I sense the licorice – I suspect peach as well after having a bottle this afternoon, reward for doing some tidying up.

  19. avatar Sean C says:

    Was there ever a bourbon barrel version of this beer?

  20. avatar August West says:

    However, I do believe that I remember seeing a Barrel (not Bourbon) Aged version of Sixteen that was tapped at a Tasting Event somewhere about 2 – 2 1/2 years ago. Is that correct Bill? If so, that could be what Sean C is thinking of.

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