Weyerbacher Update September 8, 2011

We have lots of great beer news this month! Here we go…

Special Beer Event at the Brewery on Thursday, September 22 from 5pm to 8pm
A brand spankin’ new Weyerbacher beer, Rapture, will be released then! We will have free samples of Rapture at this event, as well as the opportunity to purchase, of course. Rapture is a Sour Beer in the vein of a Flanders Red (sort of), but somewhat bolder in flavor. This beer is a one time only beer, available only at the brewery and supply is limited. Rapture comes in a 750ml cork ‘n’ cage bottle. Our brewers will be on hand to answer questions about Rapture, sour beers, how to turn your SO onto craft beer and nearly anything else you might inquire about. Hope you can join us!

Here’s what creator Chris Wilson has to say about Rapture: Rapture is upon us! It’s a 6.7% American Wild Red Ale that has undergone 100% of its fermentation and 18 months of aging in pinot noir wine barrels on a collection of micro flora that has created wonderful flavors of berry fruits, oak and a pronounced, yet quite pleasant tartness. The acidity is rounded out with a muted vinous quality, satisfying maltiness and effervescent mouthfeel that is sure to bring you joyful ecstasy.

So why’d we name it Rapture?
Because we bottled it on Friday, May 20 ~ the day before the world was supposed to end! We just had to get it done before that happened! Of course, you probably heard that the end of the world has been rescheduled for October 20. Why not lay some Rapture down and impress your friends with it on October 19 just before you spring the news on them about what’s coming? Somewhere Arthur Dent & Ford Prefect are smiling.

Head Brewer Chris Wilson:
Do you remember, drinking in September, never was an empty glass? (Yes, Earth, Wind and Fire is still around!) It is probably raining right now and you have nothing better to do. You might as well have an Imperial Pumpkin Ale. I’d rather not think about more water in my basement. Yeah, let’s just have a pint and act like it isn’t happening. Maybe I should go with a Blithering Idiot!

I think I’ll just focus on some new beers we have coming out. The first one is “Diamond”, which is the 6th and last release of the IPA Project. Diamond is light in color and body in the vein of a West Coast Style IPA. You will find the malt character very similar to Crimson, however, we have changed the hop profile considerably. We have moved to a combination of Northern Brewer, Glacier and Simcoe for the flavor and aroma additions. This produces a tropical aroma combining apricot, mango and grapefruit. I think it’s pretty damn good. How about you? Get out there and try it. Let us know what you think by filling out a survey at the bar or on our website.

We will also be releasing the latest in the Brewer’s Select Series. The NATO alphabet tells us that it will be called Sierra. It will be a delicious milk stout. We are going to use Marris Otter pale malt and lots of chocolate, roasted and Munich malts for a yummy fall stout.

Ba de ya,
Chris Wilson

Thanks for the news, Chris. Now, our final note for this report: If you cannot make the event, we expect to have Rapture available on Saturdays in our Visitor Center for at least 1 or 2 Saturdays following the event.


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2 Responses to “Weyerbacher Update September 8, 2011”

  1. avatar Frank says:

    How much is a case going for?

  2. avatar Bill Bragg says:

    A case is $204 ($17/each x 12) + tax totalling $216.24. Note: Each bottle of Unfiltered and Bottle Conditioned Double Simcoe IPA you mix into the box brings the case price down by $11.16 (our price per bottle of u/f DSIPA in 750ml = $6.50 + tax)

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