Sierra (the NATO / phonetic alphabet letter “S”) is the next up in our series of Brewers’ Select beers.  Sierra is Weyerbacher’s take on a milk stout.

Starting off with a healthy dose of Maris Otter as a base we integrate some roasted barley, plenty of chocolate and munich malts, a touch of flaked oats and some milk sugar (lactose) to balance out this roasty treat.

The dark chocolate and roastiness stemming from the malts along with the slight residual cream-like sweetness left from the milk sugar make for a complementary flavor that’s sure to please the stout lover and even those not yet familiar with this old English  style of ale.

(At this exact moment, Sierra is kegged but not yet bottled…   as we are awaiting official signoff on our label approval.  Look for this beer mid October.  As with all of our Brewers’ Select beers, 12oz bottles are available exclusively at the Weyerbacher Visitors Center and the draft is made available fantastic bars in a limited number of states – Cheers!)

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10 Responses to “Sierra”

  1. avatar tricia says:

    On draft at FreeBridge Wine & Spirits, 9 Union Square in Phillipsburg, New Jersey

  2. avatar larry says:

    On tap at Black & Blue… 683 Walnut Street in Easton… across from the courthouse. Serving dinner and fine drink from Tues – Sat from 4pm.

  3. avatar Leon says:

    Sierra is absolutely awesome! Any chance it will be added to the seasonal or year round schedule?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Very, very little chance. In fact, it’s as close to ‘none’ is is imaginable. Thanks for the feedback, though! Enjoy it while it lasts! ;^)

  4. avatar Rez says:

    I’m a little upset that I can’t get a case of my now favorite beer having tasted it at Pearly Bakers in Easton. Any chance at a growler or two from the visitors center? Did

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Very sorry, Co-Franker. We’ve been sold-out of it in all forms foe a month or more now. We do announce our new beers each month in the newsletter and each Thursday we list an inventory of what is available in the Visitors Center. Pearly’s must have held onto a keg. They are in no way expected to serve the beer concurrent with when we release it in 12 oz bottles at the VC. The good news, however, is that I think Abe bought some… give a call to Abe’s six-pack in Bethlehem.

  5. avatar Heather says:

    I am haunted by beautiful memories of Weyerbacher Sierra. I can’t find it anywhere. :(

  6. avatar Richard Markley says:

    I have 20 bottles left, maybe a few less after tonight.

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