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Rapture is upon us!   Rapture is a Sour Beer sort of in the vein of a Flanders Red, but somewhat bolder in flavor.  It’s a 6.7% American Wild Red Ale that has undergone 100% of its fermentation and 18 months of aging in pinot noir wine barrels on a collection of micro flora that has created wonderful flavors of berry fruits, oak, and a pronounced yet quite pleasant tartness.   The acidity is rounded out with a muted vinous quality, satisfying maltiness, and effervescent mouthfeel that are sure to bring you joyful ecstasy.

“So why’d you name it Rapture?”
Because we bottled it on Friday May 20, the day before the world was supposed to end!   We just had to get it done before that happened!  Of course, you probably heard that the end of the world has been rescheduled for October 20.   Why not lay some Rapture down, and impress your friends with it on October 19 just before you spring the news on them about what’s coming?  Somewhere Arthur Dent & Ford Prefect are smiling.  Well, Ford is anyway…



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  1. avatar Jim Vath says:

    This stuff is gooooood… definitely not as “offensive” as other sours that i’ve tried. I’m new to the sour world and find this one extremely interesting. There’s just something special about drinking a Wild Ale… (especially from a young local brewery) it’s almost like tasting something that 99% of the worlds drinkers with never experience.

  2. avatar David says:

    Unfortunately I never got to try it because I live in FLORIDA. Not quite close enough to PA. to purchase….

  3. avatar Ben says:

    I use been looking for this since the beginning of October, but I can’t find anywhere that sells it. I live in Columbia Maryland, anyone help me out or point me in the direction of a distributor?

  4. avatar August West says:

    I’m not a sour ale fan at all. I bought a bottle of Riserva and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t drink it. Waaaaaayyyyyyy to sour for me. And, I can only enjoy my Idiot’s Drool when I mix it with Blithering Idiot (my mixture consists of 1part Drool and 3 parts Blithering. I call it Blithering Idiot’s Drool.) However, Tonight I gave in and finally opened 1 of my 4 bottles of Rapture (2 of which I will be giving away as Christmas Presents.) HALLELUJAH!!!!! This stuff is INCREDIBLE!!!!! I will never again say that I don’t like sour Beers. Hopefully there will still be some remaining when I make my next trip to Easton. Thanks again guys for another job well done! Weyerbacher is the BEST!!!!! Without doubt!!!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:


      • avatar paul says:

        hey bill, is rapture ever coming out again? only asking since its listed in your seasonal beer list

        • avatar Bill Bragg says:

          Hey Paul! No, I am sorry…. once and done. We didn’t have a ‘tab’ at the time for one off beers (not a part of the Brewers’ Select series) so it was a good place to put it. I can tell you this: the barrels Rapture lived in are in-use with something else delicious… so for the time being, let’s say the barresl themselves are the seasonal (reused) bit and we’ll keep Rapture here for now…

  5. avatar Chris says:

    Is Rapture still available?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      No, Sorry. Rapture was a one-and-done brewery-only release. We sold out the last of our cases in February when we released 2011 Riserva. GOOD NEWS: The barrels in which Rapture was created were re-filled the day Rapture was bottled…. and that beer (Called Sour Black) is now in bottles and awaiting labels. We will be announcing an event at which you will be able to buy Sour Black. It’s delicious!

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