Weyerbacher Honored Again!

Weyerbacher Merry Monks’ Takes Honors Again!

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer (June 2, 2011) has 2, yes 2 Weyerbacher Beers getting top 5 honors out of 38 regional beers tasted.   The blind tasting was conducted by Inquirer Restaurant Critic Craig LaBan with a panel of 8 tasters including food critics, wine and beer writers, brewers and beer geeks alike.  Beers were divided into two categories: classic beers and new beers.

Weyerbacher Merry Monks’ place number 3 in classic beers showing “…a mastery of  Belgian style brewing”.  LaBan added its “…at once creamy, pruney sweet, and potent, stoking big boozy lusciousness”.


Weyerbacher Blasphemy placed number 5 in the new beers category.  This Belgian-style Quadruppel aged in bourbon barrels, was just brought back by the brewery after a 3 year hiatus, due to intense lobbying by beer fans.  Available right now, for a limited time in 750ml Cork n Cage bottles.


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  1. avatar Soup says:

    How is it I live so close (Dover, DE) and still can’ t get Weyerbacher. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy coming to the brewery and tasting the new offerings, but it sure would be nice to get my favorites locally.

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