Bottle Conditioned Blasphemy


“When they first suggested we age our QUAD in bourbon barrels, I said, ‘THAT’S BLASPHEMY!’  ….and so it is!” –Dan Weyerbacher

Blasphemy is our QUAD aged in Bourbon Barrels.  Blasphemy should have gentle vanilla oaky notes which complement rather than supersede the complex qualities that already make QUAD such an incredible beer.

We used to make this available in a 12 oz bottle back in the day—well, ok not THAT long ago.  The 12 oz version of Blasphemy was filtered and subtle enough not to overpower the QUAD.  We retired it a few years back.  Click here to see details about the 1st generation of Blasphemy.

2011 bore witness that beer miracles actually can happen:  Blasphemy has returned!

This ’refreshed’ version is actually fully bottle conditioned and available only in a 750 ml cork and cage package.  Blasphemy is available seasonally only and is extremely limited…  we expect to brew it roughly in time for May of each year.

Oh yeah…  it’s still 11.8% ABV.



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50 Responses to “Bottle Conditioned Blasphemy”

  1. avatar David says:

    You gotta love it….. CHEERS !

  2. avatar Greg says:

    Found a bottle 2 weeks ago. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Unfortunately it is proving impossible to find more. I am thinking about taking a road trip up to Easton on Saturday. Is there any available at the Brewery?

  3. avatar Macadon says:

    Acme Fresh Market in Montrose, Ohio has about 7 bottles left and they are not selling. I bought one today because I know how good Weyerbacher products are…Roadtrip! lol

  4. avatar buellerbob says:

    Today was my lucky day, scored 3 bottles, can’t wait to enjoy them!

  5. avatar pete says:

    If you in Tampa area we still have few btls
    Colony crossing 813-888-9849

  6. avatar August West says:

    Just cracked open a 2011 Blasphemy that I have been sitting on for a few months. OUTSTANDING!!!!! Thank you for bringing this one back guys. How many more months until May?

  7. avatar Russ says:

    I ordered three from New Jersey, had one, and immediately ordered three more, and I’m now wishing I had just gotten a whole case. This stuff is amazing.

  8. avatar Gary says:

    Had 2 bottles, enjoyed immensely, now a dreamy memory. Heresy though is even more tantalizing!!

  9. avatar jim says:

    i have an 06 or 07 (i forget!) blasphemy still sitting in my cellar. wonder what it’ll taste like when i open it?!

  10. avatar John says:

    Has this year’s been released yet?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      We’ll be shipping it in about a month or so… but with a bottle conditioned big beer like this, it may take a little longer.

  11. avatar Mat says:

    Is this years batch aged in Maker’s Mark barrels or was that last year?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Last years happened to be mostly that brand of barrel purely by coincidence. Our barrel aged beers aren’t aged in any specific brand / barrel. As a rule, we use a blend of all different brands of barrels from many different distillers.

  12. avatar Mike says:

    what’s the price for Blasphemy up at the brewery?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      $7.00 / bottle… a discount is applied if 24 or more of any size bottle are purchased together.

  13. avatar keith says:

    what’s the latest on ship date?

  14. avatar Ian says:

    I have a case that I bought with my three cases of Seventeen two days ago. I was taken with how smooth the first one I drank was. This evening I had another to verify.
    This evening’s had another purpose – to compare it with my five years old Blasphemy in 12 oz. bottles. It is without doubt the same elixir, but the older one is infused with vanilla, and deserves more attention and reverence during the sipping.
    Maybe the Cork and Cage will age similarly.
    I can’t help but think that the Cork and Cage was an about turn in the face of protests and pleas on retiring the original and an attempt to save face.

  15. avatar Russ says:

    Blasphemy in GA! Finally! Scored my first bottle tonight, shooting for 7-8 more over the weekend. This is easily one of the best beers I’ve ever had.

  16. avatar Russ says:

    I had a 2008 vintage yesterday of this glorious beer, absolutely amazing with age on it. A+++++++++++++

  17. avatar Eric says:

    Still waiting to see it in MN. Any idea how long it will be before I can obtain this elixer of life?

  18. avatar John says:

    Had my first blasphemy tonight bought in Lebanon pa. Drove two hours home to Millville pa before I could drink it. Fantastic! Would drive the four hours for another!

  19. avatar James says:

    By far my favorite Weyerbacher brew! Take the already amazing quad and put it on oak! Big, Bold, Boozy and delicious vanilla oak Profile. My store ordered enough to have this seasonal beer year-round! Good looks!

  20. avatar James says:

    Oh, May i suggest adding a little bit of a lambic beer (specifically a kriek ale) and you have a way better version of Ommegang’s Three Philosophers?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      James, I doubt they’re gonna mess with Blasphemy (again). We’re really happy with it now and donkt want to make it more like anyone else’s beer… it’s bourbon-barrel-aged QUAD for cryin’ out loud! ;^) What more can you ask? (Besides making it more like something else that already exists!) Celebrate the diversity! Want oak? US! Want lambic splash? Big O! Want a hybrid? Mix some beers on your own! :^)

  21. avatar James says:

    Lol, I wouldn’t want you guys to mess with it, its perfect. I was making a suggestion to people at home. I mixed the the Blasphemy with a splash of Lindeman’s kriek after visting ommegang while camping upstate over the summer. Tried it side by side with a growler of the three philosophers I bought. Blasphemy with the kriek was so much better!

  22. avatar Alex says:

    @James Three Philosophers isn’t that great. LOL What makes Weyerbacher great is that you guys do your own thing….James. Drank my 2nd bottle of Blasphemy about 2 weeks ago. Talk about getting your money’s worth. I sipped on it for about 4 hours.

  23. avatar Phil Chromey says:

    Looking for a few bottles in the Philadelphia area, never had it but have heard good things! Anyone know any place?

  24. avatar Michael Fisher says:

    Is “Blasphemy” the new name for “Quad”?

  25. avatar Jason says:

    have one cooling in the fridge right now for MoDay: have been cellering in for ~18 months. Very excited!

  26. avatar James says:

    Just wanted to gives kudos on the new amazing blasphemy artwork! Just picked up my first bottle this year

    • avatar Natalie says:

      Thanks James! Glad to hear you like it. Did you open the bottle yet? Or saving it for a bit. It is delicious this year, but who I am kidding? It’s always delicious!! Thanks again

  27. avatar Jim says:

    I am undecided on the art work. I also liked last year’s. The 2013 Blasphemy is your best ever. It’s seems very developed even after only a couple of months. While visiting PA., I picked up a considerable stock. It was blasphemy that you ever considered discontinuing it several years ago.

  28. avatar Chris B. says:

    My father finally found Blasphemy for sale in bottles in South Carolina. He was so happy to see it there that he took a picture of it on the store shelf.

  29. avatar Alex says:


  30. avatar Todd Sullivan says:

    If anyone in Ohio is looking for some. I just got a case in at Pantry Pride Market in Saint Marys, Ohio. Taking one home tonight for myself

  31. avatar Ed says:

    I just obtained a bottle of Blasphemy, how long do I want to leave it before drinking it. I haven’t had the brew since it was “discontinued” in the 12oz bottles…

  32. avatar Jim says:

    Had a few of these here in North Carolina….loved it! When can I expect to find it in the stores again?

  33. avatar Dave Gursaly says:

    Was given my first bottle as a gift.. That bottle changed my whole outlook on beer. I have been a bourbon drinker for years and had lost my taste for beer. Then came Blasphemy!!! Made a trip in Nov. and bought a case of it. Returned last weekend and bought one of the last cases available. Half will be aged in the cellar, and the other half will be savored. Weyerbacher has canged my outlook on beer!!! Thank you!!!!

    • avatar Dave Gursaly says:

      Do you have a release date for this years Blasphemy?

      • avatar Bill Bragg says:

        It has been released, part 1 is out to distributors already and part 2 is coming out of barrels soon! We’re waiting on our bottles in customs.

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