Weyerbacher Update April 14, 2011

IPA Project edition #2 is coming out next week, on or shortly after Thursday, April 21st at the same pubs that carried the first edition over the last few weeks. Chris has more info on Marcia, the name of the new one in his column below.

We’ve been busier than ever over the last few months, barely keeping up with production. Not to worry, three brand new 40-bbl Fermenters arrive next week, increasing our capacity approximately 22%. As always, thanks for your support and keep up with the latest news at weyerbacher.com.


From Head Brewer Chris Wilson:
Spring has sprung and that means Blanche. Our delicious Belgian-Style Wit is light and crisp and full of lovely citrusy flavors that are just perfect for the warmer days. April will also bring with it “PAPA”, which will be the next Brewer’s Select Beer. It’ll be a Scotch Ale. It will be a little different than our “Scotch Ale” of the past. This one will be intensely malty and complex. It will be a malt lover’s dream and the antithesis of Blanche. We have not forgotten you Malt-heads! It should be a good pairing with a roast or a burger.

Now for the Hop-heads… We are working on a project to find a new “IPA”. We have dubbed this daunting task, “The IPA Project” (Dun Duhn Dun!). We plan on brewing six IPAs over the next six months. They will be very small batches (15 bbls or less) and will be released in keg form only. The Visitors Center will have draft to offer samples and the possibility of growler sales depending on availability. We want your help deciding which one is best. Please keep an eye out wherever you find the beer for feedback forms. We strongly advise you to be a part of the decision. After all, you’ll be the ones shelling out the dough. We have already gone through the first one. It was called Batch 3743 (because it was batch 3743, sometimes things just make sense).

The next one, named “Marcia” is a darkish English Style IPA. We use a mix of English hop varieties that give this one a lovely herbal and earthy flavor. I think it’ll be lovely!

Dan, Bob, Chris Lampe and I will have just returned from this year’s Craft Brewers Conference when you read this. I’m thinking that I had a good time. I had the opportunity to visit Russian River for a Sour Beer Symposium. Around 250 brewers and a lot of sour beers!!! Fun Fun Yum Yum!!!

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta! Coming up with all these new beers is fun. Hopefully you guys are having fun too!

Chris Wilson

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  1. avatar Tim says:

    Thank you guys so much for brewing another scotch ale. Your scotch ale was one of my favorite beers of all time (regardless of style). I can’t wait to get up tp the brewery to get some. Thanks again. tim

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