Riserva 2011

Hello fellow sour fans!  Today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for!  The fourth generation of RISERVA, our American Wild Ale with Raspberries is FINALLY being bottled!  As I type this, our brand spankin’ new bottling line and all or cellarman are hard at work putting this wonderful beer into cork and cage bottles 750 ml bottles (like a champagne bottle).  The beer will not be ready for a few weeks….   or maybe even a few months….  bottle conditioning a beer this high in alcohol and this sour takes some time—Please be patient!  We promise you a great evening engagement (and lots of social and logistic efficiency) once we know when the beer will be ready!  Yes, this beer WILL be available in stores!  Stay tuned for more Riserva 2011 updates!

Check out this short video we’ve made for you!   Here is the last Riserva update, posted August 15th and here is the story from when the bottling line arrived from Bavaria on November 14th!


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  1. avatar Zachary Svoboda says:

    I’m way too excited and can’t wait any longer! Any idea yet when you’ll be releasing Riserva? I think my knees are shaking…

  2. avatar Jesse says:

    Any idea on the price?

  3. avatar Bill Bragg says:

    We’ll be at $17 a bottle, same as Rapture! The remaining 750s (in stock that day) are DSIPA, Merry Monks and Tiny, all $6.50 / each. Remember, campers… your case has to have 12 similar size bottles in it. We can not legally sell less than a case. Cheers!

    • avatar Jesse says:

      is there a limit on how many can be bought?

      • avatar Bill Bragg says:

        There is no limit for Riserva. 3 bottles per case for Rapture, while supplies last. Lets call the 3 bottles of Rapture a ‘share’. We have just 20 cases of Rapture… at 4 groups of 3 bottle ‘shares’ per case (12 bottles in a case), that’s 80 ‘shares’ of Rapture available and then it is gone forever.

  4. avatar Alan says:

    Do you know why there is a 35% price increase on Riserva this year? Thanks, Alan

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi Alan! Per Dan Weyerbacher:
      “It is a big price increase. What we did this year (that we didn’t do last year) is reject the barrels with significant acetic signatures in the beer. They were put down the drain. When we put last years very sour batch out we said it would be a one time batch for those who want the extreme version. This year we decided we would only take the best barrels for our blend and that means we lost about 1/4th of the overall beer volume. I’ll admit our learning curve has been a little long on this, but we feel that in order to make the best possible Riserva, its going to require trashing a portion each year to make the resulting beer the best it can be. Everything about 2011 Riserva is excellent. Taste profile is noticably fuller than ever, carbonation is right, flavor melding is perfect. We’re sure its going to be well received. Come out to the event and you’ll have a chance to taste it before you decide. Thanks for your understanding. Dan Weyerbacher”

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