Weyerbacher Hops Farm Report

We’re having a great year for hops production!  After reading this, be sure check out the video below.

This is our 3rd year for the plants, generally the third year you’ll see great yields and that is the case.  We have about 1500 vines on one acre of land, mostly cascade and some nugget.  The nuggets have never fared to well at our place, but the cascades are doing incredibly well.   This year we’ll have the tastiest Harvest Ale ever, owing to being able to use all fresh hops as opposed to the last 2 years where we had to supplement with some dried cascade due to low yields in the field.   Harvest Ale will be out in September. Prost!

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  1. avatar Dave says:

    Being that the price of hops world wide was the reason (at least in part) for the recent price increases, is there any chance that, now that you are growing your own, the prices may go down ? I miss drinking your beer but just can’t afford it (or any beer worth drinking) lately. I live local, any chance of a “work part time for beer” program ? Seriously. I have a strong back and can do grunt work ( I do building maintenance by trade tho).

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      Good question Dave or good questions I should say. The short answer to the first part is yes. The pricing for our hoppy beer has come down already (2010). Both Double Simcoe and Hops Infusion have had price reductions with DS having the most significant reduction. You should know that the hops we grow only supply hops for Harvest Ale and that is a tiny frection of the hops we need. As far as the work program, just send in your resume and we’ll take a look.

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