Smoked Imperial Stout, 10.8%ABV, 80IBU

This is a celebration of our fifteenth year making craft beer and it stands as an example of the bold flavorful beers that we have come to make.  This is not a timid ale; it’s an intense, full-bodied smoke experience.  Fifteen has a rich flavor profile balancing notes of dark roast, burnt toast, and spicy rye with a deep earthy aroma of smoke and wood.  This beer should age nicely and be a smoky treasure for many years.  Recipe by Chris Wilson, Head Brewer and Dan Hitchcock, Brewer.

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33 Responses to “Fifteen”

  1. avatar VigII says:

    Can’t wait for this one (either)! Could it be making an early premier on the Philly waterfront June 6th at “Smok’em if Yous Got’em”? I’ll let ya’ll know but wont be disappointed if Fireside is soloing ;-)

    • avatar VigII says:

      Oh yes, it was there even if the servers wouldn’t call it by name. Nice one everybody – as usual. I could tell when it was in someone’s mug just by seeing that ‘signature’ head.

  2. avatar Larry says:

    15 will be on tap at Porter’s Pub in Easton June24th for Weyerbacher Meet the Brewer Night. (so will 14 and Verboten!)

  3. avatar Naugros says:

    Fifteen is delicious! I would love to see this enter the ranks of seasonals. If I may humbly suggest a name for it if it does? How about “Inquisition”? Since the Spanish Inquisition liked to burn heretics at the stake.

  4. avatar GrouchoWan says:

    I just had a bottle of 15 the night before last and am chomping at the bit to go back to my local beer store for a six pack. It was delicious, one of the better stouts I’ve had recently (and I drink them all year round). I will be sorry to see this one go.
    I have only just been able to get Weyerbacher but so far am very impressed and already a fan.

  5. avatar dominick says:

    You have to make this Beer a seasonal at least. One of the best stouts I have ever tasted and reviews are nearly all A ratings!

  6. avatar Ryan says:

    Hey! Where is this Weyerbacher 15 that I’ve heard so much about? I live and work in New York City; I can’t find it anywhere around here!! I saw Weyerbacker 13 being passed around about 1.5 years ago; I managed to get some of that, and was hooked immediately. I have to say, that was my favorite beer of all time!! Naturally, I had to try Weyerbacher 14 as soon as it was available. It did NOT disappoint. Now, the 14 wasn’t as good as the 13, but IMOHO, nothing comes close. Supposedly the Weyerbacher 15 is out now, but I haven’t seen it anywhere…I looked and saw no evidence of this beer whatsoever. Where do people in NYC go to try this stuff? Honestly!!??? I need to know!!

  7. avatar Jerry says:

    My #3 (out of 150) favorite beer – this needs to be a regular beer, not one time anniversary !

  8. avatar Frank says:

    I love this beer! Thank you for the best smokey imperial stout there it! You have really outdone yourselves!

  9. [...] 2010, Weyerbacher Brewing Company of Easton, Pennsylvania celebrated their crystal anniversary with Fifteen, a smoked imperial stout. There’s a traditional German beer style called rauchbier, made by [...]

  10. avatar Andrew says:

    Please PLEASE make more of this!! I’m begging you!!!

  11. avatar Russ says:

    There’s still a good bit of this around Atlanta, several places have a case or so due to light demand I guess, I grab a 4pk every chance I get.

  12. avatar Chad says:

    how long would it make sense to age this? Bought a 4, drank 3. Love it!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Totally your call! I have LOTS cellared and have no clue how long is ideal… drink your way thru your four pack over the next ten years and report back! We date it for 5 years for ‘freshness’ but that does not take into consideration how good it gets as it changes. For a stout I am thinking it’s gonna be good for many many years.

  13. avatar Russ says:

    I agree. I have eight bottles of Fourteen, Fifteen, and Sixteen I set aside to age, plus a few random ones to drink once in a while. The Fourteen gets more amazing with every few months, and the Fifteen is even more pronounced. I did a ‘vertical’ of all three with friends recently who had never had any of them, they all fell in love.

  14. avatar Michael C says:

    Can you provide me a bottling date for the Fifteen (assuming it was a one-time batch and bottling)? Mine seems to have rubbed off. :(

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi Michael! We brewed that beer once a month between March and August 2010. It has a 5 year ‘freshness’ date… but without any date info on the bottle, the best I can do is give you the range of possible times. Dd you get a case or just a four-pack? Have you looked at ALL of the bottles in your possession? It should be where the neck meets the shoulder on the bottle. Cheers!

  15. avatar August West says:

    Went to the Brewery yesterday. On my way home stopped at a Liquor Store to get a bottle of Wine to bring to a party. They had a four Pack of Fifteen on the shelf so I bought it because I never had it before. WOW!!! This is the best Stout that I have ever tasted. I wanted to drink a second one but I only have three left so I need to enjoy them sparingly. I thought to myself “what should I follow this with?” something told me, “well Sixteen follows Fifteen so why anything else.” So I did. GREAT decision!!! The sweetness of the Sixteen followed the smokiness of the Fifteen PERFECTLY!!! You guys are the BEST!!!

  16. avatar Ian says:

    Today, with Fifteen being two years old as I dink it, the smokiness seems to be entirely in the finish. My impression is that it is now like a fine dry sherry, except that I suspect coffee in the nose, and a wonderful dryness starting.
    1 1/2 cases of Fifteen left, and my four unopened cases of Sixteen will remain that way for many years.

  17. avatar Alex says:

    I came across 2 4-packs of Fifteen at a local grocery store. Didn’t get it because I’m afraid it’s spoiled, due to florecent lights.

  18. avatar August West says:

    Where is that Store??? If you don’t want ‘em, I DO!!!

  19. avatar Ian says:

    Four years later, …. I just keep sipping .. the smokiness has gone and there remains a comforting … reminds me of the toy shop when I was 5 years old. It is a bottle from my collated store, Blasphemy in 12 oz bottles, remember them? And then I thought, “Oh no, only four bottles left”, but I suspected and confirmed that I have an unopened case of Fifteen, so all is well in my world.

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