Weyerbacher Tee
Weyerbacher Tee
PA Sales Representative Bobby Clark showing the super-soft Weyerbacher gray tee.
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Weyerbacher Merry Monks Tee
Merry Monks Brewing Tee

NJ Sales Representative Natalie DeChico holding the Merry Monks tee shirt with side-wrapping graphic.
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Imperial Pumpkin Tee
Brewer Chris Reilly wearing the Imperial Pumpkin Ale shirt while displaying the logo on the reverse.
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Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot Tee
Blithering Idiot Tee
NJ Sales Representative Natalie DeChico showing off the Blithering Idiot tee (features a small Jester’s head in gray on the reverse).
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Last Chance IPA Tee
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45 Responses to “T-Shirts”

  1. avatar Russ says:

    Have you sold out of all the old logo/label shirts? And if not, are they discounted now? :)

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      There is still a bunch of them here and yes, we’re discounting them in our Visitors Center. Feel free to swing by and grab one! Or… do I remember correctly: are you in NC?

  2. avatar Russ says:

    Worse, Georgia. :)

  3. avatar Russ says:

    Gee, thanks Bill. :)

  4. avatar wayne says:

    Hi Love your winter ale! do your t shirts come in other colors?

  5. avatar Christina says:

    I would love to buy a few t-shirts for my hubby but he wouldn’t like the faces on them. Do you have any plain t-shirts with just the name of the beer on it?

  6. avatar Stephanie D says:

    Last Chance IP swag, please!

  7. avatar Russ says:

    Sent a guy to the brewery last weekend for shirt stockup. No XLs available on the older stock. Foiled again! I’ll order some new stuff soon.

  8. avatar David Swain says:

    Where are the Insanity shirts ? Is there a possibility of a redesigned look of it ? I sure hope so ! Also, please consider a Blasphemy shirt !

  9. avatar Paul says:

    I love your ales, I would love it if you made an OLD HEATHEN shirt. Where can I get Heresy or Blasphemy around the Bloomsburg area? I’m giong to pick up some of your glass to review your ales in on my site. Cheers!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi Paul! We are redesigning all our shirts and I suspect there will be a new OH shirt coming in 2013. I’ll get back to you re: the Bloomsburg area. Can you give my your zip code?

  10. avatar Paul says:

    Bloomsburg is 17815 I believe. Millville is 17846, I can get cases old heathen at the Beer Depot, but I would like to find large bottles of your aged beers to review.

  11. avatar Dale says:

    Do your shirts run larger than what is imprinted? I’m 6′ and kinda ave build guy. Sometimes shirts shrink, just depends. Thanks for time.

    By the way, I live in Cleveland,Ohio area and visit the local Lizardville in Bedford hts to catch your batch of beers when I can. All of your brews are tackfully tasty. Thanks again.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi Dale! Depending upon your ‘style’ of build and shirt ‘draping’ preferences… there are some variables. I am about 5′ 10″ these days, about 230lbs and pretty normal / proportional torso / leg ratio (32″ inseam) and I wear a 2XL and I stretch it corner to corner before wearing it… but I want it loose and to hang past my belt. I use a clothes dryer, too. So: this is true for the 100% cotton ones like Last Chance IPA shirt, Imperial Pumpkin shirt and the Blithering Idiot shirt. The Merry Monks and Gray Jester Shirts are softer, a little tighter / smaller and hang pretty loosely. Look at the picture of the gray shirt being held versus the picture of the pumpkin shirt… you can sorta see the difference there. Hope this helps!

  12. avatar Buzz says:

    Lets see some long sleeve shirts! Gotta keep the sun off down here in Florida.

  13. avatar bobby says:

    Any old heathen shirts

  14. avatar Christine Besack says:

    Still waiting for the “I Like Big Beers and I Cannot Lie ! ” Tshirt.
    I’ll even design it for free ! :)

  15. avatar Seth r. says:

    What about a tee shirt with the insanity logo? That would be cool are any available? Would like to buy one. Keep up the great work and thanks for making some great tasting beers!

  16. avatar Diana Brown says:

    Love love love your beer, would love to own and wear with pride your merchandise. Keep checking back for some women sizes. Women like good beer tooooooooo!

  17. avatar Diana Brown says:

    And one more thing, I dont do baseball caps, but love my beanies. One that said blithering idiot would be epic…….just a thought

  18. avatar howard says:

    Any chance for a Last Chance IPA cycling jersey with proceeds going to animal rescue groups? Between my cycling buddies and animal rescue buddies it would be easy to sell hundreds.

  19. avatar Patrick says:

    Any Insanity t-shirts?
    I love the beer…would like to represent!

  20. avatar Billy BoneZ says:

    As a sailor I’m hoping you get in your chandlery some Rhumpshaka Tee Shirts…. GREAT ART WORK !!!!!

    Cheers…. ~~_/) ~~

  21. avatar Steve Mann says:

    Love my Tiny!! Thinking I need a shirt to wear to the gym.

  22. avatar David says:

    Saw a bicycle shirt at the brewery. Can we order one of those online?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Yes, soon! If you want to do it over the phone, give us a call at 610-559-5561 x 302 or x303 between 12p and 7p any day!

      • avatar Ed King says:

        Do you still have cycling jerseys? I definitely would like one. If so, any chance you could send a pic to me or guide me where I could take a peek online? Or heck, if it has your amazing graphic design, I’ll just get one :)

  23. avatar Steve says:

    Does the last chance IPA shirt have the logo or brewery name anywhere on it? thanks in advance

  24. avatar bob says:

    are there any plans for a Blasphemy shirt or an old heretic shirt?

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