Verboten is a Belgian-style Pale Ale with an American twist.  It’s brewed with Pale, Carahell and Wheat malts and generously hopped with Cascade to give it a distinctly American character.  This medium bodied beer has a crisp palate and moderate bitterness coupled with the fruity esters from our abbey yeast strain.  Verboten is bottle and keg conditioned so expect a tall fluffy head and a small amount of yeast.  5.9% ABV.  30 IBU

Originally released as “Alpha”, Verboten was the first Brewers’ Select beer.  It was later seasonally released as….   as….   well, as the word for “fools” in Dutch.  THAT name was ‘forbidden’ so we have elected to go with Verboten (German for forbidden)!

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25 Responses to “Verboten”

  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    Was this beer originally “Alpha?”

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      That’s right Jeremy. It was the first of the Brewer’s Select Series named after the NATO alphabet.

  2. avatar Benjamin Cliver says:

    Badass… had this one every Thursday at the Ugly American in South Philadelphia for a while!

  3. avatar Brandon says:

    Was Verboten also previously named Zotten?

  4. avatar Dan Stevralia says:

    Move this to the Year Round Beers list please!

  5. avatar zach says:

    Easily the best Belgian Pale Ale I’ve ever had…and that’s not a short list! Great brew guys (and gals).

  6. avatar Del says:

    Wow. I rather like this. My friend Brian turned me on to the Weyerbacher drinks and I noticed a huge difference between it and commercial stuff like Bud and Miller. Right now I’m drinking Verboten. It feels distinctly lighter than other beers I’ve tried. I’d get it again.

  7. avatar Dean says:

    Verboten, much to good to only be seasonal

  8. avatar Pete says:

    Just tried this for the first time, and was very impressed. This is one fantastic beer. The hop/yeast combo works great together, though it seems like more than 30 IBU’s. I’ll definitely be looking for more of it in North & South Carolina!

  9. avatar Jb says:

    Is it better than blue moon and hoegaarden

  10. avatar joe says:

    one of the best beers i have had

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  12. outstanding local brew , been half way around the world and back…. and this one beer aloe top 3…

  13. avatar Eric says:

    I’m just curious, how hoppy is it? My best point of reference is that I can’t drink most IPA’s. They turn my lowe intstinal track into a slip and slide. I’m hoping it’s a mid to light hoppiness…

  14. avatar Brent says:

    It’s not hoppy. It’s a good beer. A tad sweet, in fact, which is the Belgian style.

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  16. avatar yankee_fan says:

    not big fan of belgian style beers, but like Verboten and keep it in my fridge regularly with other beers.

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