tiny-no-warningTiny is a Belgian inspired Imperial Stout weighing in at 11.8%. You’ll find big chocolate and roasted notes, balanced with the Belgian flavors from the Abbey yeast strain.

This beer is very smooth and lacks the astringency you sometimes find in these Imperial Stouts.

Recipe by Chris Wilson, Head Brewer.

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  1. avatar Troy says:

    Had this at Brewphoria 8 on Sat Nov 13th @ Canal Street Pub, Reading, PA. Excellent beer very flavorful and full bodied.

  2. avatar Andrew says:

    Enjoyed this on Saturday, was very tasty. Another awesome Brew by Weyerbacher

  3. avatar beerdoctor says:

    Tiny is an excellent holiday sipper, well designed for very cold inclement weather. Belgian yeast strain in the long finish is a delicious surprise. Cheers!

  4. avatar Ryan says:

    My name is Ryan. I live and work in New York City. I haven’t seen ‘Tiny’ anywhere around here. It seems like NYC got passed over. Based on the description, I am thinking it is like the Weyerbacher 13 (my personal favorite beer of all time). I’d totally love to get my hand on some of this stuff called ‘Tiny’, especially since Weyerbacher 13 is no longer available (what a shame).

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Contact Union Beer (Brooklyn) to determine where you can get some in NYC. We have a rep in New York now!

  5. [...] Tiny: Weyerbacher Brewing Company. From the Weyerbacher Site: Tiny is a Belgian inspired Imperial Stout weighing in at 11.8%. [...]

  6. avatar LJ Gates says:

    4/16/11 “traded” a cd for a tall bottle of Tiny at the visitors center (THANKS) – now I wish I had a case!!! Delicious!!!Anybody coming up through Binghamton NY way??? I need a fixxxx…..

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      You can get it up there – no worries! Contact your distributer! For the record – your CD has a picture of YOU on it… and in said picture, you ARE WEARING A WEYERBACHER HAT! ;^)

  7. avatar Russ says:

    Tiny is indeed an awesome beer, and a great deal too. Most larger Atlanta stores sell it for less than $6 a bottle. That’s a steal.

  8. avatar sofakingdoit says:

    Just finished a 1 Pint 9.4 ozer. The taste descriptions are all correct; it is a thick, dark, bitterishly bold, imperial stout and lives up to its description.

    The taste is perfect, so the only thing I can add is that buzz of a well crafted imperial stout such as this one cannot be replicated. The main point is that not only every sip is basically a treasure; but also, like anything else that is crafted with care, it will elicit the humanity and spirit within a person.

  9. You can find Tiny in Jersey at some BuyRite locations. In my case, the Jersey City location – http://www.buyritewines.com/sku0588150414.html

    Also see http://www.beermenus.com/beers/weyerbacher-tiny

    and another spot in Jersey City, where I got my bottle –
    Jersey Wines & Spirits‎ @ 492 Jersey Avenue

    They have at least 2 locations – http://www.libertyharborwine.com/ Mostly a wine store, with plenty of spirits, but they also have a small, but respectable selection of beer, and especially Craft Beer. I’d say, craft beer is about 15-20% of their overall inventory, shared with maybe the same 15-20% spirits, with the rest, dedicated to wine.

  10. avatar Chris Caravella says:

    This beer made me fall in love with Imperial Stouts.

  11. avatar August West says:

    Hey Bill! I was at the Brewery this past Saturday for the Insanity release. I spent a good amount of time with Jeff (great guy by the way) talking about many Beer related topics. One thing that came up is that I would like to make a Black and Tan using strictly Weyerbacher Brews. He opened a bottle of Tiny and we began experimenting. 1st with Quad, then with Double Simcoe, and last with Fireside. The 1st two didn’t seem to work well at all because the Stout was tremendously overpowered by the Ale. Fireside was okay but still wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Do you have a suggestion as to which Stout and Ale would work well together to make a wonderful Black and Tan? Oh, and congratulations on the new arrival!!!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      I have played with a hoppy black & tan (though since we do not use nitro, our beer is simply a mixture, not a pair of fluids layered all fancy-like). I take 2 parts Old Heathen and splash a part of Double Simcoe into it. We have also been known to splash Old Heathen into the Imperial Pumpkin Ale at a ratio of about 1 part OH to 3 parts IPuA; we call that a black & orange though no layering here, either. I should play with Tiny next… hmmm…..

      Ps: thanks re: the new arrival!

  12. avatar Clay Hayden says:

    I tasted Weyerbacher brews for the first time at a tasting at Little Bros. Liquors in Flemington, NJ ( a great idea – hope Weyerbach does more of them!). It was a nice flight of 5 beers, ending with Tiny. When I tasted Tiny, I just started laughing – I’d now found my new favorite stout. Great richness, perfect bitterness, with the 11.8% very laid back. Very well done!

  13. avatar Chris says:

    Where is Tiny? Has it shipped to stores? Hop City in Atlanta hasn’t had any in months.

  14. avatar NeoTaoist TechnoPagan says:

    I recently purchased a couple bottles of Tiny from Rendezvous here in Saint Augustine, FL.
    The secret is to go on Thursdays (2 for 1 night!)

    I have no other words but these:
    Thank you Weyerbacher!

    As I did partake much of Quad when it was available, this will do until it is again.

  15. avatar Carolin says:

    Im looking at a bottle of Tiny my husband got as a gift. I can’t wait to try it!! Should I chill it or is it best sat room temperature?

  16. avatar Danielle says:

    Tried tiny when it first got to weiss cafe of beer..one of the smoothist I’ve ever had with the. Chocolate and roasted aroma made this beer into a dessert great for an after dinner drink.

  17. avatar Runyogabeer says:

    Since this beer debuted on the market it has been one of my go tos…never fails to intrigue me. Thanks for making such lovely beers

  18. avatar Josh M says:

    Is Tiny available in 1/6 kegs if yes where in jersey can i get some?

  19. avatar James says:

    So…. Do I need to say it? When ate you gonna throw this scrumptious morsal on some oak? Special release maybe? Poke poke nudge nudge

  20. avatar Alex says:

    When will the new TINY label will be available?

  21. avatar Alex says:


  22. avatar Rob says:

    Got the last bottle of Tiny at my local store tonight, and they said they didn’t know when (IF!?) they would have more. It’s winter up here in Minnesota– we need hearty beers like Tiny!

  23. avatar Sam says:

    Just bought a 750mL bottle of Tiny from the Brewery tour on Saturday. I was thinking of trying my first attempt at aging a beer. Would the Tiny have any specific aging requirements? Would a few months be enough or should I wait a few years?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      It is totally your preference. I have Tiny from the first run it was bottled and our Thirteen anniversary beer (upon which Tiny is based)… they are both tasting fantastic–to me. If you have one bottle, drink it whenever. Cellar beer you have multiple bottles of so you have some experience rating the fresh stuff to compare to the aged beers. Cheers!

  24. avatar Tony says:

    Found your brew late last week in, believe it or not, the food co-op I’m a working member of in Albany NY.
    That, just in time for my 62nd birthday, which was yesterday.
    On special occasions like this I usually stick with bock beers, but this looked too good to pass up, and I wasn’t disappointed.
    It wasn’t so heavy as some of the bock beers I’ve tried, it had an appropriately nutty taste that wasn’t overwhelming. Which is a nice change.
    Now that I know it exists, and where to get it is easy maybe I’ll partake of it a bit more regularly in the future.

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