Scotch Ale

Exceptionally smooth and thoroughly robust, Weyerbacher Scotch Ale has a deep delicious flavor that will warm you down to your wee little bones. Malty and roasty on the palate, and with distinctive caramel notes, this beer will satisfy the desires of any malty beer aficionado.

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7 Responses to “Scotch Ale”

  1. avatar John Hessenthaler says:

    The best Scotch Ale in history. What can be done to get it back!!

  2. avatar Tim says:

    I’m with John. I am one of the loyal supporters of this beer. Please bring it back for a one time run, or re-do it and release it as one of the “one off” offerings. Please?

  3. avatar Cindy says:

    I AM CRUSHED!!! This was the best Scotch Ale ever. I logged on today to see the release date. I am deeply saddened. How can I beg to have you bring this back???? It is simply one of the finest beers ever.

  4. avatar Bill Bragg says:

    HEY EVERYONE! Please note that the Scotch Ale everyone is drinking and talking about this May of 2011 is called ‘Papa’ and is one of the Brewer’s Select Series of one-off beers. It is not – REPEAT *NOT* – the Scotch Ale from a few years back. We’ll be getting more info on this and the other Brewers Select beers onto the website shortly.

  5. avatar Tom McMullin says:

    Hello! I too would like to inquire about the Scotch Ale future release. Please contact me should you re-release a batch. Thanks!

    • Ditto, remember finding this few years after your opening, i brought it back to Idaho and let it age for a year…. o my delicious!!!!! have not had the beers since, but my bro in law is digging yo stuff currently!!! way to keep in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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