Prophecy is our third ale to be aged in bourbon barrels. We’ve taken our Merry Monks’ Ale and carefully aged it in bourbon barrels. The result is a fabulous unique ale, softened with hints of vanilla and oak, with an intriguing finish to it. Prophecy is a limited release so when it’s here, be sure to grab a case or two to lay away before its gone. 9.3% ABV.

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13 Responses to “Prophecy”

  1. avatar John Tracy says:

    This was by far one or your best aged beers!!!!! there is a huge following with this beer! I would urge you to bring it back. I guarantee that it will sell out. If not i will buy it all!

  2. avatar Will says:

    I agree; it is worth bringing back. Finished my last bottle 1 year ago…

  3. avatar Ian says:

    This one was a miss for me. The beauty of Merry Monks’ Ale is its sharp flavours that meld into the beer with age. “Prophecy” just killed the life out of the monk, unlike the aging that made Blithering Idiot and Quad into masterpieces.

  4. avatar jake says:

    Honestly blasphemy and prophecy were my all time favorites next to your double simicoe IPA. Not going to tap into my aging collection just yet, so you should really bring this back please!

  5. avatar Wiggus says:

    This was my first Weyerbacher, and I miss it. Please do a limited release again in cage-n-cork bottles; I can’t afford a whole case of it.

  6. avatar Scott says:

    you guys should def put this back out. i mean obviously your on to somethin with reg merry monks considering how many people stock up on it. now if you would only package some cork and cage or in cases again…….would love to see how it does in barrels.

  7. avatar Larry says:

    Best beer I ever had, still was best beer I ever had after 5 years in basement, none left, no hope, very sad.

  8. avatar Russ says:

    I have a line on a bottle of this. Crossing my fingers to score it.

  9. avatar Jake says:

    Found a case of this at a local beer store in York on July 5th, 2013. I bought 7 of them, drank one, and traded another. Have 5 left. Might get more today.

  10. avatar August West says:

    Hey Jake! I’ll trade you a Bottle of Idiot’s Drool (25.9oz. Cork and Cage Bottle) for a six Pack of Prophecy. Or you can tell me the name of the Store in York so that I can go score some!

  11. avatar Jake says:

    hi August, I found them at the quick six on market st in York, pa. I didn’t get anymore but a friend of mine told me they already sold out of them.

  12. avatar August West says:

    Thanks Jake! Had to figure once the word was out that they were there… Gone!

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