To honor 14 years of making craft beer we decided to brew a wheat wine.  This unfiltered brew is made with over 50% wheat to give it a distinctly spicy character.  Enjoy it now, or if you have the patience, give it some time in your cellar.  When you are ready, expect to find notes of tart wheat, grapes, and honey with crisp bitterness and carbonation. 

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  1. avatar Dan says:

    14 is one of the greatest beers I’ve ever had. It’s a shame that this will not grow into the regular rotation, being that as a wheat wine ale, it has characteristics found in no other beer. Long live 14…and its beautiful twin 14 Special Dark!

  2. avatar Domenic says:

    I agree with Dan. Fourteen is one of my favorite beers of all time. I hate to think that it won’t be available for consumption every year. I think we need to start a petition to make it a seasonal!

  3. avatar Jiffy says:

    I purchased a four pack of Fourteen a few months ago; I drank two and left the other two to age in the cellar. I just came back from a liquor store where I purchased the same Fourteen Ale but “Special Dark”. I’ve read that the only difference is that you guys used a dark wheat malt? Could this be clarified? Thanks in advance!

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      We got some “dark” wheat incorrectly labeled as our regular wheat malt mixed in our order. So the recipe is exactly the same except for the unintended substitution.

  4. avatar Richard Markley says:

    I actually prefer the 14 Special Dark over the regular 14.

  5. avatar Dan says:

    I’m hoping 14 makes a return…I’m down to my last case!

  6. avatar Dan S says:

    14 Special Dark has aged well! It is excellent. Would love for it to make a comeback.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Cheers, Dan! Don’t know that it will return anytime soon but I am sure we’ll have more anniversary beers with which you will continue to fall in love! Sixteen is AWESOME! Get some 6/1/11 in the market and 6/4/11 at the brewery visitors center!

  7. avatar The Dreidel Boy says:

    I justnd a case of Fourteen at a local beer store, my first one was very good. After aging it had some of the same qualities that my 2004 Quad has, although I know there are probably no similarities.

  8. avatar August West says:

    I went to a Tasting 2 weeks ago and I purchased 2 – 4 packs each of 12, 14, & 16. I enjoyed the 12 first and then the other night opened up a couple of the 14′s. I noticed at the bottom of both bottles (and then confirmed that it is in all 8 bottles) is a copper colored substance. I could call it sludge for lack of a better word but it wouldn’t really describe it properly because it’s very light and thin. I didn’t notice it until I had finished drinking the 1st one and the beer tasted wonderful! I have never seen that in Beer before. Do you know what it is?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi August,
      The 14 specifically was an unfiltered Wheat Wine which still has yeast in
      it. What you are seeing with that bottle (as with any other wheat beer) is
      yeast sediment. When this was fresh (2 years ago) it was a cloudy beer.
      All of the yeast has since dropped out of solution at the bottom of the
      bottle. For the 14 I would actually recommend pouring part of the bottle
      and then rousing the yeast (much the same as with a wheat or white beer) and
      then pouring the rest into the glass. As for the 12 and 16, these are
      minimally filtered beers which would have been bright when fresh but also
      have a certain amount of yeast in them which drops out of solution over
      time. They may either be enjoyed by rousing the particulates or by
      decanting (i.e. slowly pouring so as not to rouse the yeast) whichever you

      Christian T. Lampe
      Production Manager
      Weyerbacher Brewing Co.

  9. avatar Dan says:

    After extensive internet searches I picked up a few cases of 14…you guys really need to reproduce this thing, or else I’m going to end up sober!!

  10. Just found in back of my small collection a Fourteen -SPECIAL DARK..
    AM enjoying it. Shame you can’t make that mistake again..
    Happy Holidays to you…

  11. avatar August West says:

    I Enjoyed a couple of 14′s tonight. I can’t find a date on the bottles so I assume that they came out before Weyerbacher started dating them. Is there a “Best By” date for this Brew? I have less than a case remaining and wonder if I should be Cellaring them or enjoying them while they still taste sooooooo good. Also, I wish I had some of the “Special Dark” because as a Dark Ale Lover, I’m sure that it’s awesome!!! I read that it was Brewed by mistake but I’m sure that there was no mistake about it. Cheers!!!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      The anniversary beers are dated for 5 years for ‘freshness’. if you like the way it tastes now…. drink ‘em now. They’ll certainly change with time… question is does it match what you look for in a beer? I have a few cellared away… as I like what some time does to a beer like this but again, it’s all about what you like.

  12. avatar Russ says:

    I still have quite a stash of this in the cellar. Every bottle I open gets even better. Such a delicious beer.

  13. avatar Madeline says:

    Fourteen is one of my favorites. I wish they had it all the time!

  14. avatar Carylton Ganong says:

    One of my favorite beers of all time. I had bought two cases and just had the last one for my birthday this past December. Thanks for the great beers.

  15. avatar August West says:

    I have 12 Bottles remaining. Pulled one out last night and almost drank it. Then decided to save it a little longer and had a Quad instead. Great Decision. Now I still have 12 remaining! I know, I know, I have to drink them sooner or later because that IS the intended purpose right?

  16. avatar Dave Pritchard says:

    Followed the directions on the label and gave it some time in my cellar – 5 years! Tonight was the night! Poured our last fourteen Special Dark. Aged well and tasted like a great aged wheat whine should. Poured well with a nice 1″ head. I have pictures but will post’em on FB. Two more of the intended Fourteen recipe cellaring that will soon see daylight. We did like the Dark!

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