Our Eleventh anniversy ale, released in July 2006 only is a Triple IPA made exclusively with Phoenix hops.

Phoenix is another one of those hops with low cohumulone levels, which means when used in very large quantities (as we do in Eleven) the hops flavor is very smooth, not a hint of harshness for the enormous amounts of hops in the brew.

As with all of our Anniversay ales, this one will age fantastically and will never be made again, as each anniversary is an entirely different brew. Get it while you can and lay some down!

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4 Responses to “Eleven”

  1. avatar Ian says:

    Only 19 bottles left in my cellar.
    Eleven becomes more beautiful as it ages, just as I do ;)

  2. avatar Ian says:

    I felt compelled to drink Eleven this evening. The magic continues as the Phoenix melds with the malt. I must have missed reporting a bottle because I have only 17 bottles left in the case now.

  3. avatar Ian says:

    Eleven gets better all the time. The Phoenix has been tamed.
    Eleven bottles of Eleven left .

  4. avatar Ian says:

    More than a year later, I have ten bottles left as I am drinking one right now, eight years old. Someone at the visitors’ center told me that her Eleven went bad; mine has not, its taste just changes as it mellows.

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