Blithering Idiot

Blithering Idiot is brewed in the British tradition of balanced, hearty ales.  It’s a deep-copper ale with notes of date and fig.  The finish is warm and fruity and begs for the next sip.  Enjoy Blithering Idiot in a brandy snifter or wine glass with full-flavored meats and cheeses or as an after dinner drink.  11.1% ABV.  This wonderful brew is available year-round.

Lay a few down. Aging only helps a barleywine develop more complexity. This fine ale will keep for years.   We feel comfortable setting our “Best By” date out to five years beyond the bottling date. (Read about cellaring beer here!)

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  1. avatar Andy says:

    MY All Time Favorite Big Beer!

  2. avatar jimbo says:

    i love it…but i cant find it…anywhere!

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      Jimbo Where do you live? The quickest way to find out is to go to the “Wholesaler” tab under “Community” and click on the state you live in. You will find a list of distributors that cover your find state broken up by territory. Find the one where you live and give them a call. They should be able to tell what stores are likely to have it.

  3. avatar The Drunken Master says:

    Blithering Idiot is really something special. I have never had anything as good before. It is strong, it is delicious, it is something that everyone should get to experience. I keep it in the house as my stock along with Merry Monks.

    Your brewery is special. I go to these stores that carry all the funky beers and whatnot and since I discovered your brewery, Blithering Idiot is always in the purchase order and usually Merry Monks or Simcoe. I just wish the store had more of your products!

  4. avatar Ian says:

    This is the Weyerbacher find that got me started. I found a six pack in a shop in Chester, NJ in November 2002. There was no ABV on the bottle, and thankfully my wife convinced me to try it. Luckily the web site was on the label and I have been a visitor on Saturdays ever since.

  5. avatar Jason says:

    Jimbo, do you have the World Market chain near you? They sell it.

  6. avatar Glenn says:

    My favorite restaurant, The Staub’s Landing, in Hanover just stocked Blithering Idiot. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! I have become a fan.

  7. avatar Keith says:

    Is there a way to determine the age of a Blithering Idiot? I have had one in my cellar for what I think to be 3 years, but I never labeled it. It has this number printed on the bottle 123294060248
    Thanks for the help

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      Not really, we just started dating our bottles a few months ago. That number is not a date code. I’m not sure what that is. If I had it in my hand, I might be able to get close. Sorry, CW

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  9. avatar geoff says:

    i was recently gifted half a case of blithering idiot, with a reddish maroon label and yellow type, no jester graphic. i was told they were about a decade old, and was wondering if that’s correct.
    i have to say that the one i quaffed was stupendous, much more than a fresh one.
    keep up the good work!

  10. avatar Serge says:

    Because of my business I travel a lot. I had been in many countries in my time and I taste a lot of beers. The “Blithering Idiot” is a masterpiece! Very reach hops & barley taste complimented by fruity after taste, makes it remarkable. It reminds me of Russian Honey Beer, but much more intense and tasty. It is a lot of beers in the world and many of them I didn’t try eat, but it is always there is a room for discovery. it was very memorable experience to taste this beer. Then again may be it local harvest of hops or fresh barriers, I don’t know. My suggestion is that name was chosen wrong. This CHEF D’OEUVRE comes not that often & should be named accordingly to it’s beauty. Keep it in production, otherwise it will vanish as as many beautiful recipes before it.
    Thanks, Serge.

  11. avatar Pave' Monkey says:

    Blithering Idiot establishes the reference standard for American brewed barleywines and holds up to anything of its genre’ from anywhere else.

  12. avatar The Beer Guy says:

    This is the best microbeer I have ever had. I enjoyed two of these last night and was really amazed on how the heavy textured beer felt tasty and not overly bitter while drinking it and how the beer also left a very plesent after taste that really sold me because many microbeers tent to differ and have one or the other. Great job!

  13. avatar Surlyjoe says:

    Hands down the best barleywine I had ever come across, and I love my barleywine. Just awesome… I was in a bar and wrote down the website off the bottle so I’d remember to hunt this one down later. Fabulous.

  14. avatar Race says:

    When can we look forward to getting your beer in Dallas, TX?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      No time soon, sorry! We’re focusing on supplying beer in-depth to the states in which we are already distributed. You can look around for distributors that do ship beer but please be careful that you don’t break any laws in so doing. You can also look into trading on http://www.beeradvocate.com

  15. Great article from our NJ Wholesaler Hunterdon Brewing regarding pairing barleywines and English Stilton cheese. YUM!

  16. avatar Homebrew says:

    I was tripping threw the beer store and this was on sale..with a whopping 11% alc it was a no brainer. I make my own beer here at the house from stouts to lagers..this is still one that stays in my fridge at all times. I am now responsible for almost 15 new people that swear by this amazing tasting brew. Thanks again and look forward to anything you guys come up with!!

  17. avatar Paul N Moore says:

    I wad at Deja-Brew in Shrewsbury, MA last Saturdayaking my own batch of Barley Wine. A fellow brewer mention Blithering Idiot to me. I stopped at the only (in Northbororogh) in MA in my way home & bought a pair of 4-packs. I couldn’t wait: I drank 3 Saturday night. Awesome is THE word! Thanks guys. I’ve been drinking BW for over 30-years now. Starting in England back in the late 70′s. Gold Crown was the locals favorite at that time; sold in nips (6oz?) at about 11% ABV. pretty strong for a pub! Usually, your intake was controlled by the land-lord. But, when you’re on a pub-crawl: who can count?!?! Any-who: excellent brew fella’s. This is a new one for my ‘never-to-be-out-of’ lust!! Thanx!! P.

  18. avatar Paul N Moore says:

    Sorry: poor spell-checking: NOT too many B-Idiots……LoL!

  19. avatar chris kearney says:

    this is the best beer i ever had. i love it. i make 4 differnt bars carry it for me.

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  21. avatar Bob says:

    The perfcect combo. You can have it room temp or out of the fridge. It’s all about the mood, the good mood this fantastic Barlley wine style ale. This refreshment could have been serve with confidencs . Comercials should be coming out on this soon. That’s how good it is. Fit for a King…..

  22. avatar biorens says:

    A great beer very recommended
    from Spain

  23. avatar Danielle says:

    This was the first beer I ever had from weyerbacher and still enjoying it today. The heavyness and malty roasted fig flavor mixes well with cheeses and summer bologna.

  24. avatar Todd G says:

    Just bought my first 4-pack of Blithering Idiot. What temperature do you recommend drinking it at?

  25. avatar Blithering Idiot for Life says:

    I love this beer! Great by the fire, in bed, or sitting outside on the patio enjoying summer! Thanks for brewing it! BIFL

  26. avatar Odysseyalien says:

    Thank you for “Blithering Idiot”. Not just for the supreme flavor at such a reasonable price, but the fact that it’s in 12 oz bottles. Most other 12 oz bottles of barley wine ale are American style renditions and a bit too much on the hoppy side for me.

    My favorite barley wine ale is Firestone Sukaba, but it’s only in the large bomber size. Blithering Idiot is a real close second if not a toss-up with Sukaba and I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to open a huge bomber to enjoy it. (My wife and friends who are beer lovers don’t drink barley wine ale so it’s lonely in that dept.)

    Thanks again. I bought this on a whim at a local store in North Jersey and I was very pleasantly surprised! I think I’m heading back and buying out this guy’s stock.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Ha! Love your email address!
      Thanks for the feedback on BI! Good News: it’s year round and ALWAYS available… and it cellars extremely well. No need to clear off the shelf… it’s not going ANYWHERE!

  27. avatar Marvin says:

    Once a year I return to Pa to visit my daughter and son-in-law and to fill up on Blithering Idiot. I have tried most of the Barleywine style ales brewed west of the Mississippi, and none come close to this classic. Thanks!

  28. avatar cgroomes says:

    This is an amazing beer. First tried at Wren’s in Beaufort SC and have been hooked ever since. Really smooth and a must have.

  29. avatar Greg says:

    Oh man, I love Blithering Idiot so much!
    Just one over dinner and I’m good like 0_o

    Local store is out of it atm but hopefully we’ll get some soon.

    Thanks guys!
    Keep up the great work!

    Greg near Pittsburgh!

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  31. avatar Jeff P says:

    Anyone have any info as to the date of a few bottles I was gifted? The topic of Barleywines came up with a friend of mine and he mentioned that he thought he’d like them but doesn’t. So he gifted me 7 Blithering Idiots amongst a couple Olde School and Ridge Runner BW’s.

    Anyway… He’s not sure on the date, he says “3-4 years, maybe more?” and one of the DFH Olde School is labeled 2010.

    The Blithering Idiot label has ‘Visit our brewpub – Easton PA’ and a phone number at the bottom, and the cap is silver with thin black lettering, not the blue/red cap.

    Any idea when this is from, or at least a range? Feel like when I first had Weyerbacher Quad (in ’08 or ’09?) it had the blue/red cap, but not sure if this is older than that…

    And yes, the beer is delicious. Was iffy on it when it was cold, but as it warmed to closer to room temp, it improved greatly. Very happy to have 6 more of these to drink

  32. avatar Brian Lindberg says:

    Right now I am drinking a bottle of blithering idiot here in my Sunny garden in Denmark :) this beer is brillant and by far one of the Best American barley Wines if Tried so far…
    Keep up the good brewing…

    Cheers from Denmark :)

    • avatar Natalie says:

      Excellent! Thank you Brian! Denmark, wow, very cool to have so many all over the world people enjoying our beer.

  33. avatar John Kratz says:

    Blithering Idiot is absolutely sublime. Unfortunately, it now costs as much for a four-pack as it used to for a six-pack.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      John, where did you get it? We have not changed our prices for a number of years – even when ‘everyone else’ went up! Thanks for the feedback on the beer, though!

  34. avatar brian says:

    I first tried a barleywine a few years ago (from another craft brewer) and did I not care for it. However, I tried Blithering Idiot for the first time a month ago and it’s a winner!

  35. avatar Jason says:

    I have a bottle of Blithering Idiot with the old label. I was wondering if you could tell me the last time that you guys used the old label? Thanks!

  36. avatar Kevin says:

    What is the best temperature to enjoy Blithering Idiot?


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