First released in March 2007, Blasphemy is our award winning QUAD aged in bourbon barrels. But not overaged, so we’ve picked up gentle vanilla oaky notes which complement rather than supercede the complex qualities that already make QUAD such an incredible beer. Expected to be an annual Spring seasonal, supplies are limited. ABV is 11.8%.

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  1. avatar Will says:

    I agree. Please do consider bringing this one back. I have only 1 bottle left!

  2. avatar Cody Ace says:

    The biggest, baddest of them all (IMO). My all time favorite!

  3. avatar Curt Webb says:

    Please bring back Blasphemy. This QUAD is great and I would love to have some more of it.

  4. avatar mark says:

    i agree, encore please

  5. avatar mark says:


  6. avatar James says:

    Seriously, Heresy is not enough. I am pissed I can’t get Blasphemy! This one truly kicked my butt!

  7. avatar Chefmonty says:

    2 bottles left and I’m afraid to drink them. Please make more!

  8. avatar Ian says:

    Retired? Are you serious?
    My unopened case will have to wait until I know I will die soon.

  9. avatar Cody McNeil says:

    If i hadn’t drank Blasphemy i wouldn’t know weyerbacher at all bring it back please.

  10. avatar jake says:

    Honestly blasphemy and prophecy were my all time favorites next to your double simicoe IPA. Not going to tap into my aging collection just yet, so you should really bring this back please!

  11. avatar Chefmonty says:

    Even as a special release. 750ml corked and caged would be nice!

  12. avatar Bobby G. says:

    Say it ain’t so! I lucked out and bought a few beers on a trip we took in March to PA, one of which was Blasphemy! I just recently shared it with friends. We all loved it, please please reconsider making it again in the future (it would be great in bigger bottles too!) – Bobby G.

  13. avatar burke stoops says:

    please,please brew blasphemy.if it doesn’t sell you have my word,i will drive out with my truck and trailer and buy it all.

  14. avatar Scott Witherspoon says:

    I love this beer. Please bring it back! I will split any that doesn’t sell with Burke.

  15. avatar Ed Bindler says:

    Blasphemy is the beer that brought me to Weyerbacher and is my all-time favorite beer. PLEASE un-retire it! I will split whatever you brew with Scott & Burke!

  16. avatar Jeff says:

    This was my favorite….I miss it dearly. PLEASE pull it back from retirement.

  17. avatar John K. says:

    Please kind brewers… make another batch. Think of the children!! I mean those wonderful 20 year old kids whose birtdays are coming up soon that will never be able to try this truly great brew.

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      Thank you for bringing these souls to our attention. You have made a great arguement for it, so in May we will release Blasphemy in 750ml cork-and-cage bottles!!! <<>> You’re welcome! CW

      • avatar Ian says:

        cork and cage? ugh – I am an Englishman in the USA. If that’s the only way I can buy it, I’ll stir it up and de-gas it before I drink it. Thank goodness, I have several cases of Blasphemy in the basement, and not just the one I mentioned in May.

        • avatar Ian says:

          .. just opened and I am drinking a three year old Blasphemy at 2am. Dear Chris, I understand that you must maximize sales and profits, but there is always a market for excellence, and Blasphemy is such.

      • avatar Scott says:

        Great news. Another thing to look forward to in 2011. February seems so far away. May has just been added to my list.

  18. avatar Alex says:

    Yay, Blasphemy is coming back! As Ian says, there is always a market for excellence. I would love to see Blasphemy in 4-packs or 6-packs; 12-oz bottles of heavenly elixir.

  19. avatar Missing It says:

    Bring it back! *clap* *clap* *clappity* *clap* Bring it back!…

  20. avatar Pat says:


    I can’t wait for it and I hope you’re making a bunch. IMO, it was the best beer you ever made, although Insanity is close which I’m enjoying right now.


  21. avatar brian says:

    When I first had Quad I always thought it should be aged somehow. Drunkingly told you guys at a tasting once too, got a free tshirt out of it thanks. But then I had this and found nirvana. Its taken 2 years to almost finish the case I have. Bring it back, but batch it. Brew it, put it down and release a few cases a year. I’d pay for a 5 year old case.

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      Well we are making it but it will be up to you to age it for the 5 years you wish for. Well maybe we will age a bottle or two for us. I hope you can except this compromise. Cheers, CW

  22. avatar Ian says:

    hey guys, I found a substitute that works kind of well to the aging in Bourbon barrels. Buy a bottle of a good quality Bourbon, not the cheap stuff, and add 1/4 teaspoon of it to the beer, no more, it overwhelms the aging simulation. If weyerbacher won’t make it, we can simulate it.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Ian, See above. We’re making it again but in the 750 ml package. It is in the barrels as I type… and I think you’ll find there is no way to simulate this new bottle-conditioned brew. It will be available each May starting in 2011!

  23. avatar Frank says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! I can’t believe my prayers have been answered and Blasphemy is finally back. I’ve been looking for it ever since I received the email saying it was back in production. It took some searching but I finally found it and am enjoying a bottle of it as i type this. It is easily my fav brew of all time. In the 3 years it’s been out of producton I’ve tried to find substitutes….Dragons Milk, Backwoods Bastard, Insanity…all of which are also really tasty but definitely not Blasphemy. Please don’t retire Blasphemy again. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!

  24. avatar Russ says:

    Still trying to find it anywhere in Georgia, no one can tell me anything. Argh.

  25. avatar Russ says:

    I have, actually have a friend who works there, he can’t seem to get a straight answer from his superiors.

  26. avatar Russ says:

    Went ahead and ordered some from a bottle shop in NJ, shipping isn’t much and their price per bottle is very reasonable.

  27. avatar Russ says:

    Opened my first Blasphemy tonight. Holy wow. You guys are my favorite brewery already, but a sip of this goodness solidified that for good. This is an amazing beer. I need to order more before I lose my chance. A++++++ effort, thank you.

  28. avatar buellerbob says:

    Is this available in 1/6ths ?
    It’s a wonderfully delicious elixir that i think i need in my kegarator!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      it is not – this version of Blasphemy is retired and the new Blasphemy is bottle conditioned in a 750ml cork and cage bottle only.

  29. avatar Drew O. says:

    Also my previous comment dissappeared(just so you know). I also plead you to keep brewing and shipping the Blasphemy. I so far have had only one chance to try it, and if I knew it was so good I would have stocked up! It’s nearing the cold season here in MN, and I just hope I’ll have the chance to pick up some more to help me be happy through the Winter.

  30. [...] of Hops Infusion and Last Chance.  As a bonus they’ll also be releasing this year’s batch of Blasphemy, a bourbon-barrel aged version of their Quad Belgian-style ale.  A large portion of last year’s [...]

  31. avatar Bill says:

    I am drinking a blasphemyi as I type this. O yeah it happens to be my 1st one. It is a 2008 and I don’t think there are words to describe how awesome this beer is. Thank u and thank u to the red white and brew for have a beer like this.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      And it shows! :^) LOL! Gald you are enjoying it! Keep an eye out for the new one this coming May in the 750ml bottle!

  32. avatar sfryauff says:

    I’ve been a big fan of ‘Quad’ for years and was thrilled to taste ‘Blasphemy” for the first time recently. I became a Weyerbacher fan years ago while in PA. visiting my family and am very fortunate to be in market in Florida where Weyerbacher is available. I truly enjoy ‘”Blashpemy” and rate it close to Cigar City “Hunapu”. Go Weyerbacher, and please re-think retiring “Blasphemy.”

  33. avatar David says:

    I just found this….. and its RETIRED!?!!?!?!?! NOOOOO!!! This was the FIRST Weyerbacher ale I tried. You must make more, for this is truly an amazing brew.

  34. avatar Adam Heinz says:

    I just saw this today at the beer store nearby. Two questions.

    1. When was the last release? (I’m not sure if it was 12 oz or 750ml)
    2. Will it be making an appearance again?

  35. avatar Bob says:

    Enjoying and I do mean enjoying a 3 year bottle at the moment.
    Bill could you divulge the bottle strain if you use one? Just wondering if its’s something worth playing with.
    Thanks for everything you guys do!

  36. I’m a big fan of QUAD, one of my favorite beers – but I haven’t been able to find it for a few years. I tried Blasphemy for the first time last week, and my first thought was “This is Quad – they’ve just come up with a new name and label for it!” … then I went to the website and discovered that yes, it IS Quad! Thanks for bringing this one back to life – I’m buying as much as I can before it disappears again!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      David, Thanks for the feedback!
      Quad comes out each November – be sure to grab a bunch! I have it in my cellar going back about 10 years now – it only gets more amazing!

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