Black Hole

Coming in at an ABV of 7.0%, our Black Hole satisfies the transition from dark ale to stout. It has the characteristics of a “big” porter with its strong chocolaty malt backbone and light hop finish topped off with a touch of molasses.

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9 Responses to “Black Hole”

  1. avatar Will says:

    This was a very tasty beer which kept very well. I am sad to see it has been retired. Hopefully, it will make it back again someday as a special.

  2. avatar Ian says:

    I tasted it once one Saturday in a little plastic cup.

  3. avatar Clinton says:

    This was one of my favorite beers. When I got the news that it wouldn’t be coming again, I bought up the last three cases at our local wine/beer shop.

  4. avatar Roxanne says:

    I have never had a brew like Black Hole. I loved it, I miss it and would love to see its return even if only as a limited release.

  5. avatar John Krause says:

    It’s a travesty that this beer is gone

  6. avatar Marfty D. says:

    I can’t believe you would retire such a fine porter! Send me the recipe so I can scale it back and make it at home with my friends!

  7. avatar vik vickers says:

    PLEASE bring back black hole!
    Loved Hawkings Hangout – Society for Cerebral Stimulation!

  8. avatar Thrash Metal FL says:

    I am a huge Weyerbacher fan, I have always wanted to try this beer, never could get it :( You guys should do a limited release!!!!!

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