Retired Beers


This is an amazing sour red. Read how we used Pinot Noir barrels to create this incredible new Weyerbacher beer!


Black Hole

The characteristics of a “big” porter with its strong chocolaty malt backbone and light hop finish topped off with a touch of molasses.



Blasphemy is our award winning QUAD aged in bourbon barrels. We’ve picked up gentle vanilla oaky notes.


House Ale

Brewed with Pale, Caramunich, and Carapils malt for flavor and body, then hopped exclusively with expensive Tettnang hops, a very delicate, delicious hops that perfectly fits this beer with just the right snap of flavor.


Muse Farmhouse Ale

Made with Pale malt, a little carapils, wheat, and oats, this warm weather seasonal is dry and ever so slightly tart on the pallet.



Prophecy is our third ale to be aged in bourbon barrels. We’ve taken our Merry Monks’ Ale and carefully aged it in bourbon barrels.


Raspberry Imperial Stout

Enjoyed alone as a winter-warmer or as the perfect finish to any fine meal, our Raspberry Imperial Stout is a wonderfully full-flavored beer with just a “kiss” of raspberry flavor.


Scotch Ale

Malty and roasty on the palate, and with distinctive caramel notes, this beer will satisfy the desires of any malty beer aficionado.


Hops Infusion

Made with seven hop varieties, this deep copper-orange IPA is loaded with juicy hop notes of pine, lemon zest, and a layer of pink grapefruit and a strong foundation of toasted caramel malts underneath it all give this beer a complexity that’s unparalleled.


Slam Dunkel

Slam Dunkel was a small batch release in 2007. We had such an overwhelming response that we had to put it in the seasonal rotation. We also decided we couldn’t live without drinking this beer every year!



Light, cloudy and smooth, Weyerbacher Blanche brings you authentic Belgian-style flavor along with handcrafted quality and freshness. Just try a bottle of this thirst-quenching brew.


Harvest Ale

Harvest Ale is a 6.2% “wet-hop” IPA made from pale, munich, crystal, and wheat malts. It is hopped with a bounty of cascade hops straight from the brewery’s own farm! The bitterness is restrained to allow the fresh-hop aroma and flavor to shine through.

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35 Responses to “Retired Beers”

  1. avatar AJBH says:

    Please reconsider bringing back Prophecy – i’m down to 1 bottle from the original release and 5 botles of the 2nd (final) release. This beer got me interested in barrel aged beer – beyond the ‘belgian’ styles.

  2. avatar Larry Gould says:

    My favorite beers include Prophecy, Blasphemy, Decodence, and Blithering Idiot only one of which is a year round beer. Whats up?????? What are you some kind of drug dealers!!!! I need my fix and you guys are the only one’s with the recepie. Please reconsidering putting to pasture those brads that made you great. If you insist on ignoring the past please send my suggestions on flavors that mirrior these. I have already tried Merry Monk, Fireside, Insanity, and Heresy which all are good but not a replacement for your original classics. Also I have yet to try Pumkin Ale which has been highly recommended.

    • avatar chriswilson says:


      We are making new beers all the time. That means, we have to change our lineup from time to time. You might see Blasphemy some day and Prophecy is definately dead. Decadence was our first anniversary beer and with all of those, they are one and done! You should keep tying the anni beers. Each time, we try to make something unique and they are all above 10% ABV. Also look out for our Brewer’s Select Beers. They are always something new and different. Then there’s Double Simcoe, Quad, and Verboten. Of course if you like whisky, you might try a good single malt!

  3. avatar Sam says:

    I love most of your beers and one my faves was the Raspberry Imperial Stout. Although a hop head, I do also love stronger belgian ales and dark beers. The just more than a hint of fruit was just awesome. It was a great for the colder winter months or was also enjoyable in the summer. It was just perfect and I hope that some day you bring it back.

  4. avatar Jon says:

    Please bring back the ESB! I know Weyerbacher has gone on to bigger things, but I loved that beer. (Friend of ‘Renzo!) – Jon

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      I do not think we wI’ll bring back the ESB. I understand your love for it but we’ll have to say no, even if you know Renzo.

  5. avatar Frank says:

    Love the Rasberry Imperial Stout! Bought up whatever I could find in/around boston when I saw it was retiring!! Would really love to see it come back as a seasonal! Cheers to a wicked good beer!

  6. avatar Rich Furr says:

    I guess I should have stayed in Easton. Too many of your best have been retired – Black Hole, Muse, Scotch. Three of my most favorite. You know I would have been jumping up and down in the VC on Saturdays. Best to all the VC crew.

  7. avatar kevin says:

    Any chance at all the Scotch Ale ever comes back. It was awesome, and really well done.

    I keep going to Tanczo’s, hoping to see it. All I see are those tall Tanczos guys.

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      Kevin, I can say for certain that Scotch Ale will not return. Right now Fireside is the closest replacement. Its base is a scotch ale recipe with a touch of smoke. Maybe give that one a try. CW

  8. avatar Chuck says:

    A cold winter night, the wind rattling the old farmhouse windows, snow drifting in the fading light, darkness comes early….a look out the window, a sip of the Raspberry Imperial and all is well with the world……..at least it was.

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      Very nice, you the artist and RIS your muse… Just remember that you can’t miss something until its gone! CW

  9. avatar Justin says:

    I mean, it wouldn’t be too hard to take some Quad and throw it into a spare barrel, right? ;-)

    I know a number of people that would jump at the chance to get their hands on Blasphemy. It still has a market. Do it for the people!

  10. avatar Darth Vader says:

    CW, I am TIRED of your insolence… I command you to stop saying NO to your loyal Beer drinkers. Your lack of faith is not AMUSING! I want Blasphamey NOW or I will turn your mind to tapioca pudding with my evil Jedi ways…….Be aftraid CW be very afraid. You have been warned……………..

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      Boots are quaking, knees are shacking…. Oh wait we are making Blasphemy again. You can sheathe your saber and relax at the Deathstar Bar (I hear they have 40 taps and a great bottle list). CW

  11. avatar Edward Maciocha says:

    Bring back Hefeweizen for the summer breweing season.

  12. avatar Richard Hinchliffe says:

    Does that mean I no longer need to hoard the Blasphemy’s I have in my basement? I can drink them? Really?

  13. avatar Russ says:

    Will Blasphemy make it to the East Coast? Atlanta namely? It is REALLY hard to get Weyerbacher beers here, QUAD can be found outside of Georgia but nowhere within the state, Autumnfest and Fireside I have to drive two hours to get, and damn if I can find anything else besides Double Simcoe and Blithering Idiot anywhere else closeby.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Yes Quad is available to you – when in season. Anything you are finding out there is from November 2010. Blasphemy (the new and improved version) will be coming out at the end of this month. Talk to your local beer store about special ordering it for you – their/our GA distributer is Savannah. Cheers!

  14. avatar keith says:

    will blasphemy be cork and cage?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Keith – yes! 750ml package with a cork and cage like our Merry monks and unfiltered Double Simcoe, Tiny and Riserva!

  15. avatar Drew O. says:

    Yet another person who loves the Blasphemy! But I’ve only had one chance to buy it this year and loved it! But now it’s September, and I’m hoping I won’t have to wait until next Spring to get more. Wish I could stock up soon and reduce the insanity of another Minnesota Winter. Thanks for listening!

  16. avatar Karel says:

    It sure doesn’t fit your current BIG beers but I think one of the finest beers ever made was your early Easton Pale Ale (the early stuff that was still chunky before it got tamed and filtered). I’d buy that by the pallet if you made it.

  17. avatar Jonathan says:

    Did Fireside get retired? I don’t see it on the 2013 release schedule and I can’t find any mention of it on the website anymore.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Yes, it was retired and we removed it from the website because of a potential trademark issue with another brewery. The legal seas of the beer industry have gotten a little muddied but we’re doing our best to lead by example! For example!

  18. avatar Tom lavis says:

    When did Harvest Ale retire? Your not growing your own hops no more? Last time I had it you used 100% hops from your farm in it. Just wondering.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      We discontinued that beer 2 years ago. It simply wasn’t selling. Have you had Last Chance IPA? A wonderfully better beer!

  19. avatar Tom Lavis says:

    Yes I did. Excellent beer and a great cause too! Is that made with the hops from your farm??

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Nope – our farm is no longer. The hops we get from the Pacific northwest are way better than anything we were able to grow ourselves. Cheers!

  20. avatar Tom Lavis says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the info! Cheers!

  21. avatar makmud says:

    you are missing your original IPA. I do not mean hops infusion. You brewed a single IPA as well.

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