2014 Release Schedule

Jan – Feb:  Insanity

Feb – Mar:  Heresy

Apr – Jul: White Sun Wit

May:  Blasphemy

Jun:  Anniversary 

Jul- Sept:  Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Sept:  AutumnFest

Oct – Dec:  Winter Ale

Nov – Dec:  Quad

91 Responses to “2014 Release Schedule”

  1. avatar Dave says:

    My wife and I have just had a bottle of the TINY belgian style Imperial Stout, what an incredible beer! We live on the gulf coast of Florida in a small town called Dunedin (done-E-din)and used to have people bring us Weyerbacher beer when they came to visit because we couldn’t get it here for a while.

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      Not sure if you can get it in your town but our beer is available in Florida. Check out the Wholesalers tap under commenity, then find your distributor and give them a call. They will be able to tell you wherre to find the beer.

  2. avatar Dave says:

    we used to live in Carlisle Pa. until 2005

  3. avatar rilbert willis says:

    when can i get tiny , to sell in my beer store in groton , Star discount liquors , groton ct , 06320

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      Try calling your appropriate distributor listed below. If they do not have it, we will be making it again in November. Let them know that you want it so they place an order for you. Give us a call if you have any questions.

      For the Counties of Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven:
      Drinx Unlimited
      Norwalk, CT

      For the Counties of Hartford, Tolland, Middlesex, New London, and Windham:
      Franklin Distributors
      South Windsor, CT

  4. avatar Tori W says:

    I’m a VA native and took my boyfriend up to the brewery this past weekend. He was in love with the Simcoe corked. I wanted to get a few of your beers for him and his parents when I go to visit him in NY. I didn’t want to purchase a whole case at a time, just a few individual bottles.

    Where can you pick up the cork-cage bottle tops of the Simcoe and where can you get bottles/6 packs, etc of other beers from you all?

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      Tori, try the Wegman’s grocery store chain in PA or NY. Really any store you find it in NY will work as PA is the only backwards state to have a case law.

  5. avatar Tori W says:

    I forgot to mention- I am working in Easton through early August. In addition, he lives on Long Island

  6. avatar Bryan says:

    Is Wegmans in Buffalo area going to carry Imp Pumpkin Ale?

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      Wegmans stores definitely carry our beers including the Imperial Pumpkin Ale. It does vary a bit by store, but I would be shocked if they did not have it.

  7. avatar Jason says:

    I just recently found a couple of your beers being sold at Beertopia and some Hy-Vee stores in Omaha, NE and couldn’t be more thrilled. I love Merry Monks and the Simcoe Double IPA.

  8. avatar Mike says:

    I live in the boston area. And I’m really looking forward to trying Lima. Checked at table and vine in Springfield this morning and they didn’t have it. Ideas as to where I could find it

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      We did not send Lima to the Boston area. Lima was a small batch release that is part of the Brewer’s Select Series. We have to rotate the markets that receive the beers and you guys missed this one. Keep an eye out for future releases and plan a trip to the brewery where all beers in the series are released and sold (while suppliees last). CW

  9. avatar andrew says:

    when will the 2011 release schedule be out

  10. avatar Jerry says:

    Is FIFTEEN done ? I had a few bottles a few months ago in central Ohio and it’s one of my favorite beers – please don’t tell me it was a one and done beer !

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      You should be able to find it out in stores but yes we are done brewing it. I like 15 a whole lot, but the anniversary beers are special and are unique to the year they are brewed. We still have some at the brewery and Ohio is not that far away. just saying… CW

  11. avatar rich warner says:

    when can we expect to see your 2011 schedule? I can only make it to your brewery in Jan. & Feb.

    • avatar chriswilson says:

      Let me see if I can help:

      Jan – Fireside Ale
      Feb – Heresy, Insanity, Oscar (~2/19, call or check back to confirm)
      We will have all the yr-rounds including Verboten and Tiny.


  12. avatar Brandy says:

    What type of beer will Oscar be?

  13. avatar LVcraftbeer says:

    When can we expect Blasphemy to be released? May is half way over can’t wait to get our hands on some!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      The Lehigh Valley has a crack at it at the Visitors Center (here at the brewery on Sat from 12 to 3 on Saturday) and it should hit the market here in the following week. Cheers!

  14. avatar keith says:

    Just picked up the remaining 3 Blasphemy that my go to store had! Can’t wait to open one this weekend…..thanks for putting it back out guys.

  15. avatar keith says:

    so just felt the need to follow up…..I was grilling last night and my brother in law convinced me to open a Blasphemy with dinner. as good as advertised! serious bourbon notes on the first pour, developed into hints of vanilla on the next pour, but most importantly for me – Quad is still there. EXCELLENT JOB GUYS! Thanks again!

  16. avatar Patrick says:

    Was very excited to get to work on Thursday knowing our shipment of Blasphemy was coming in.Imagine the feeling I got when the driver said there had been a little problem with the drive and the case of Blasphemy had been broken.I think you could see the disgusted look on our faces upon hearing that.

  17. avatar Richard Markley says:

    I read in the May newsletter that 16 will be released Saturday, June 4, yet it is not listed in “What’s on tap” for this weekend at the Visitors center. Please tell me it was just an oversight and that it will be there. Can’t wait to try it.

  18. avatar Bob says:

    I’ll be visiting the brewery this Saturday. Can you let me know what will be available to sample. Also do you have a time frame for this years Riserva? I love that beer.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi Bob! We’ll see you then! On Thursday night we update our inventory for the weekend. Go to our website on Friday and clock on the ‘Home’ tab… there will be a post called “What’s on tap?” where all that information will be updated. Riserva will be this fall, no dates chosen yet. Sign-up for our newsletter and you’ll be updated as soon as we know.

  19. avatar Scott says:

    I see that Rapture is the latest creation. Has it been released yet? I am throwing a beer tasting dinner in August and would like to serve a beer from PA.

  20. avatar Oberon says:

    I’m sipping a Riserva as I write this, which is what prompted me to visit your site.
    Wow. Just…wow. I am a fan of lambics, which this most closely resembles. The tart, crisp acids and the berry palate really deliver. This isn’t as complex a flavor as a lambic, but it delivers well in the dimensions it presents. I’ll be picking up a few more to cellar!

  21. avatar scotty w says:

    your making a wild ale??? in regular bottle or the 750 ml bottles just wondering???

  22. avatar WassailWilly says:

    I tried a year old Raspberry Imperial Porter a few years back and wonder when it will ever be produced again …

  23. avatar jdaddy says:

    Double Simcoe is amazing and Hop Infusion is a great, inexpensive IPA. I’d love to see you guys do another DIPA other than Simcoe.

  24. avatar Curt says:

    Is there anywhere I can get some “fifteen”..I miss it

  25. avatar Kevin Bastos says:

    Time for 2012, right? Been surviving on Bell’s and Weyerbacher since I discovered I really enjoy beer. Or perhaps since I started looking beyond the Big ad beers. Looking forward to another surprise release? Or a re-intro? Just let us know, kids. Wanting to bust up the new year resolution, already!

  26. avatar Miguel R says:

    I feel in love with Insanity. It was one of my first craft beers. Ive researched everywhere and cant seem to find it. Im in the NYC area. Since Ive heard it ages great I was thinking of buying a bulk as well. HELP!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Insanity will be available in NYC in February 2012. It only comes out once a year. Try it’s brother, Heresy… that is Old Heathen Imperial Stout also aged in oak Bourbon barrels!

      • avatar Miguel R says:

        Ive tried all of them! And they are all great. I still find Insanity to be my favorite. Where in NYC will it be available?

        • avatar Bill Bragg says:

          Once the beer is released, use http://www.greatbrewers.com to search for the beer style then select ‘find this beer’ in the upper right corner… this gives you s google map with search radius refinement option and it shows a pin on each account that buys it. Cheers!

  27. avatar Jim Hill says:

    When will Blashemy be available in 2012? Thanks

  28. avatar Kevin Bastos says:

    How can I make certain to get some of the Weyerbacher Seventeen? I live near Pittsburgh, PA – and I’ve had luck getting the past two years. Should I order through a local retailer?



  29. avatar Beerman6686 says:

    I saw on your website that Insanity was released at the brewery already. I talked to Vecenie’s Wholesaler out of Pittsburgh and they said they have not gotten ay yet, and do not know when they are supposed to receive any either. Any idea when this is going to make it across the state?

  30. avatar Ben says:

    Any idea when the first saturday you will have Heresy is? Been looking forward to it for a long time…

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      THIS SATURDAY, 3/3/2012! Heresy 12 oz and draft / growlers will be available! We’re temporarily sold out of Insanity in 12 oz bottles but we will still have it available in draft for growlers. I expect to get some more Insanity in a week or so but there is no guarantee. Riserva is now sold-out!

  31. avatar Jason says:

    Any update yet on the Black Sour?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Yes! It’s bottled, but we’re working on the label now. We’ll announce the event in the June newsletter!

  32. avatar Cain says:

    QUAD!! Where are the QUAD’S

  33. avatar Nic says:

    Any word on the status of the 2012 Riserva? I cracked a bottle of the 2011 and 2010 recently, both are aging nicely!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Riserva 2012 is starting to look more and more like February… the addition and the inevitable move of all our stuff plus the barreling of Insanity, Heresy and Blasphemy are all overlapping and as such, Riserva is getting a little squeeze. But hey: what’s bad about it having some more barrel time? :^) Good things come to those who wait!

  34. avatar Alex says:

    Since you guys have gotten rid of Slam Dunkel and Fireside, could you please add a DUBBEL to your year round line up. Thanks.

  35. avatar John Birgel says:

    I would like to see a Big triple or quad IPA from you guys, something in a bomber 18% or higher

  36. avatar Zach says:

    Any plans yet on the release date for Riserva 2013?

  37. avatar Alex says:

    You guys rock!!! Please don’t change recipes and don’t sell out! (like Goose Island did). Much love.

  38. avatar Vanessa Little says:

    I went to Whole Foods today and found Blasphemy!!! I bought 4 bottles for my husband, he love it!!! I thought it didn’t come up until later this year? Is this last years batch?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Yep: last year’s batch (or older). There may be a date on the neck – top date is bottled-on and bottom is freshest-by (which is laughable because it only gets better and better!)

  39. avatar Neil Uniacke says:

    Dining at the Rex 1516 with my family after an afternoon at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, totally delighted by a couple of glasses of Insanity with their incredible pork chops.
    No dessert needed!

  40. [...] Weyerbacher Blasphemy is a Belgian Style Quadrupel (Quad). They retired this barrel aged version of QUAD, but it came back in 2011 in this 750 ml cork and caged version. There is no date on this so I am not sure if this is the 2011 or 2012 vintage. (grrr) In any case whether it has been aged almost 1 year or 2 this has aged very well. I really had no idea what to expect from this and it has been a total surprise. Maybe a little thin in the mouth-feel, and the carbonation could have used a little more zip, but that is about all the negative I have for this beer. Lovely notes of cherries, vanilla, oak, bourbon, sweet caramel malts, alcohol heat and dark fruits. I don’t feel like this is the greatest Belgian Quad in the world, or the greatest barrel aged beer in the world, but I am liking how all the elements of this particular beer are coming together… and that is making this one of the greatest beers in the world. Well, at least it is for me right now. [...]

  41. avatar Alex K says:

    I’ve absolutely loved Weyerbacher ever since my first taste of Blithering Idiot at a bar near my university last year. Since then I’ve been fortunate to get my hands on Merry Monks, Old Heathen and Blanche. I’d like to plan a trip to the brewery/visitor’s center sometime in the near future.

    It’s probably silly to ask, but I was wondering what the chances might be that a few bottles of your earlier-in-the-year releases like Blasphemy or – dare I say – Insanity would be rolling around somewhere at the brewery?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hey Alex! Thanks for the feedback! We do still have some Blasphemy and some Heresy though we’re out of Insanity. We’ll be making more, look for it in January / February 2014!

  42. avatar Amy says:

    Love some of the new labels. The artwork is awesome

  43. avatar nugie says:

    thanks for update..

  44. avatar Mike says:

    Is Whiskey Barrel Aged going to be released in 2013 or 2014?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      Hi Mike! WBA was a Brewers’ Select one-time-only brew. It will not be brewed again. It is loosely related to Insanity, Heresy and Blasphemy which are made every year—we’re getting VERY close to that season now!

  45. avatar Santi says:

    When will Insanity be released in 2014?

  46. avatar Santi says:

    Can i purchase a case at the brewery? Been waiting all year!!

  47. avatar Myrrh says:

    Any idea when the 2014 release schedule will be available?

  48. avatar BobbyG says:

    Just meet Mike and Katie last night at Rosie’s Tavern in Dunedin, what a fine representation of Weyerbacher Brewing!
    In fact this quote came to mind after chatting with katie at the bar. “Give me a women who loves Beer and I will conquer the World” – Kaiser Wilhelm

  49. avatar JN says:

    Will Riserva be released in 2014??

  50. avatar Ben says:

    Any plans for any brewery only releases this year?

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      We’re doing one right this moment! Rhumpshaka! We will have a few more this year. Click ‘Get some Weyerbacher in your inbox’ to get monthly updates!

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