Anniversary Beers


Nineteen is a tart mango wheat ale at 10% ABV! Click the title above to learn more about this new, limited run brew!



Our Eighteenth anniversary beer is a hazy, dark-brown weizenbock with a complex combination of bready wheat and dark malt flavors that are perfectly balanced with spicy phenols and fruity esters. This unfiltered and bottle-conditioned ale has a creamy, textured mouthfeel and a warming finish. Click the title above to learn more!



Seventeen is a Saison Ale brewed with pink peppercorns, orange zest, lemon zest, and grapefruit zest brewed to commemorate the seventeenth anniversary of the world becoming a tastier and more interesting place. Click the title above to learn more!



2011 GABF Gold Meal winner! Click the title above to read all about out dark braggot anniversary beer!



This is a celebration of our fifteenth year making craft beer and it stands as an example of the bold flavorful beers that we have come to make. This is not a timid ale; it’s an intense, full-bodied smoke experience.



To honor 14 years of making craft beer we decided to brew a wheat wine. This unfiltered brew is made with over 50% wheat to give it a distinctly spicy character. Enjoy it now, or if you have the patience, give it some time in your cellar. When you are ready, expect to find notes of tart wheat, grapes, and honey with crisp bitterness and carbonation.



This smooth sipper is made with 5 malts and a touch of oats. You’ll find big chocolate and roasted notes, balanced with the Belgian flavors from the Abbey yeast strain.



Made from 50% Rye Malt and 50% Barley Malt, this strong ale is extremely viscous. The rye adds a tantalizing note of flavor on the palate with a hint of tartness you’ve come to expect from Rye.



Phoenix is another one of those hops with low cohumulone levels, which means when used in very large quantities (as we do in Eleven) the hops flavor is very smooth, not a hint of harshness for the enormous amounts of hops in the brew.



Decadence weighs in at 13% ABV and is a fantastic sipper, especially after dinner or consider paring it with a good book on a cool fall evening.

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21 Responses to “Anniversary Beers”

  1. avatar Brad Moyer says:

    Any sneak peeks of what sixteen will be ? I have a complete vertical going and want to break them all open with this years release.

  2. avatar Drew O. says:

    The sixteen is nice! It has an intruiging complexity to it, not just very sweet honey flavors. How big are the batches you send out to shops, what I mean is how soon will this dissappear from the shelves forever?

  3. [...] Weyerbacher Sixteen, Pennsylvania 10.5% ABV [...]

  4. avatar Ian says:

    Any information about Seventeen?
    When Decadence came out at 10%, and Eleven at 11%, Twelve at 12 % and Thirteen at 13%, I hoped you would continue the trend to get to Dogfish 18% offerings. They sell like hot cakes even though the price is a penny short of $8 per bottle. My four remaining cases of Sixteen has a pride of place in my cellar.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      For a while there we were trending higher and higher though it was not in the order you specified… 10 was 13%, 11 was 11%, 12 was 10% and 13 was 13.6% however there is a point where trying to push higher and higher would just become silly. We always make our anniversary beers 10% abv or higher but believe the styles we work with should not be tied to ascending alcohol limits as pushing these limits does not make a beer better or more interesting to us. Rather, we prefer to keep the alcohol part lose and work with what style feels right each year. This years anniversary beer will be a style with which many are already familiar however we’re going to dial it up a notch or four… stay tuned for details! We’ll announce it on our upcoming monthly newsletter which you can subscribe to by clicking here. Cheers!

  5. avatar Russ says:

    I was going to say, Weyerbacher has never followed the ABV equals age like He’Brew does with the Jewbelations. I think it’s silly too to just shoot for a big alcohol beer, it should be about taste, flavor, and style. For example, the Fourteen is perfect at 11.8%, any more and it’d be sweeter than necessary.

  6. avatar Mike says:

    Any chance Weyerbacher 16 will become a seasonal or year around beer? It’s the only braggot I’ve seen here in Maryland, and it flew off the shelves.

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      No, sir… sorry! I expect a bit more to show up at our Visitors Center (at the Brewery) but there is none more to go into the market and it will not be made again (anytime soon). Cheers!

  7. avatar UnclearFizzyCyst says:

    Ho-hum, here in PA we’re forced to buy by the case :(

    So, way back when I sucked it up and brought 6 cases of Decadence :D

    It’s finally starting to mature. I did one bottle a year at Christmas and about 2 years ago it became ready to drink.

    I’m down to my last case now :( but thanks for the ride guys!

  8. avatar Sean says:

    So…can we get some hints on XVIII?

  9. avatar Sean says:

    Also as of 4/14/2013 there is one four pack of XVII left at the Riddle Ale House take out store.

  10. avatar Alex says:

    I saw a 4-pack of Fifteen at a local grocery store. Do you think it’s still good? Don’t feel like wasting $16

  11. avatar Kevin Bastos says:

    Any clues for the 19 release? Waiting to join my six packs of 15, 16, 17, and 18!

    • avatar Bill Bragg says:

      None to release at this time, sorry! It’s going to be amazing, though! Can’t wait to release the info!

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